Guide to men’s sweaters

manygoodtips.com_2.11.2014_Xe9r5lGBL1nrQBefore the official start of winter less than a month, and if you haven’t cleaned out your closet, it’s time to do it. How high is the chance to find the door to Narnia, among heaps of rubbish, but at least a few suitable jerseys. And if there is still not found, then it is a sure sign that it’s time to update your old wardrobe a few warm clothes. Well, of course we will help you figure out what’s what.

Types of fabrics

1. Cashmere


A cashmere sweater is the gold standard of sweaters: soft, lightweight and incredibly warm, so don’t make round eyes when you see the cost of such a thing. Sweater pure cashmere might cost a few hundred dollars because of the shortage of long fluffy fur of the Kashmir goats, however, the price of space is due not only to this, and the fact that the clothes of this coat really warm. In short, this sweater is a great investment in the cold season. Buying cashmere sweater, you should pay attention to three points:

1. It’s fine for you to sit;

2. You have the opportunity to wear it at least 4 times a year;

3. You buy it at an expensive store where you’re not slipped a fake. With proper care this thing, it can last about ten years, perfectly warming and soul, and body.

2. Wool sweater


The good old classics from the world of warm clothes, taking a leading position in choosing the «appearance quality». However, wool sweaters require proper care because they are very sensitive to high washing temperatures and prefer only manual labor, well, gentle.

3. Sweater cotton


They cannot be considered as a replacement for their wool or cashmere brethren as the insulating quality of the clothes is much lower. But for the winter period it can come in handy, plus relatively cheaper cotton wool.

4. Sweaters made from synthetic


Depending on the type of fabric synthetic sweater may follow properties of wool or cotton. It’s basically cheap clothes that has quite a decent view, which persists for a long time.

5. The sweaters made from mixed fabrics


On the shelves are often sweaters made of two or more types of tissue. This allows manufacturers to save money and to successfully fool your head. After reading the label «cashmere sweater», be sure to look at the composition, because of the cashmere, there might be meager amount. Depending on the material ratios sweater can be either warmer or very easy than clothing made wholly content. For example, a combination of wool and cashmere results in a very warm and high-quality item, while the tandem of cotton and linen makes the fabric rough but durable.

Color sweater


The choice of colors depends on when, where and what you’ll be wearing a sweater. Darker colors are usually versatile and conservative. The bright sweater looks great in spring or summer and vivid colors will definitely attract more attention, but unfortunately, only the sweater, not you. Although, in fact, this is a good option for casual dining or everyday wear. The colors from the «pluck the eyes» are best avoided in principle, of course, if you’re not a road service employee or do not knock on the wheels of the trains.

The shape of the pattern

1. Color patches


Sweater with colored patches, if it is slightly bulky, goes well with blazers. Most importantly, it is appropriate to choose the color.

2. Arrowy pattern


He pattern of the braid. A classic version of a winter sweater, goes well with casual style (jeans, cotton trousers, shoes with thick soles, Park – options for combining ground).

3. Norwegian pattern


Triangles, rhombuses, small circles, intricate geometric shapes, snowflakes and reindeer never go out of fashion for several decades. The Norwegian pattern is almost always has two or more colors in the pattern, so you need to be a little careful, not to look like a traffic light heated.

Model sweater for men

1. Turtleneck


Turtleneck dark colors should be in the wardrobe of every man. Paired with dark pants it will visually make you a little taller, slimmer and prettier. Bit. Looks equally good as with a strong suit, and paired with a sports jacket and jeans.

2. Knitted cardigan


A very handy thing when it comes to temperature changes. Became hot – shot, cold – wearing. This sweater is old with the right approach will ensure you stylish look and warm in the cold. Most importantly, don’t forget to leave a couple of lower and upper buttons unbuttoned. Cardigan thick knit often make a shawl collar, although there are particular kinds of sweaters with this collar. And it usually worn without a jacket. This version of cardigan is considered casual and informal, goes well with a t-shirt and shirt.

3. Sweater V-neck (or pullover)

Not the most successful option for severe frosts, (of course, if you don’t insulate the open neck scarf), and for fat. This sweater can be worn with a tie, it visually lengthens the neck and fits perfectly into the style of «smart casual».

4. Round neck (jumper)


A classic of the genre, which dominates store shelves. Universal insulation that you can choose absolutely any style.

5. Sweater Polo


This thing saved us from having to wear under sweaters shirts and to think about the combination of colors: everything is already thought out for us. Usually has a few buttons, reaching to the middle of the chest. This sweater looks great with sports jackets.

6. Vest


Knitted vest is one of the most risky of the options for each guy, one misstep and you will for the Soviet engineer or asked to stand in the pulpit and deliver a series of lectures from the field of molecular biology. First, you must have a good body, without the slightest hint of a slouch, which this vest will sit like a glove. Also from under the vest should not hang around in shirt and belt.

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