GTA still engaged in education?


No, we won’t slopeside and write about the shooting of schoolchildren in Moscow. Many people stubbornly said that to blame video games — at first glance it’s obvious how short-sighted they are, it’s easier to say they are stupid. In Wales, the parents of two six-year-old received a message from the shocked teacher of Junior classes. The fact that children are very badly behaved. VERY BAD!

Little children were playing in the school yard in the GTA, reflecting drug use and strong language, sex and beating. Of course, the real heroin and meth they were never returned, the children were playing it using the good old imagination, but from the outside it did not look very cool. A teacher once wrote to parents to forbid children violent games. Why not write, so they began to educate their children and even occasionally looked at what they do? And then suddenly you find out that they play games with a pretty decent age rating.

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