Grown-up fairy tale

«The hobbit, or There and back again» is a short story written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, talks about priklyucheniyah dwarves and one hobbit who went to the Lonely mountain to set the heat of the dragon, and restore justice. The book stretched into three films, by the way, the final part of the trilogy will be released in December.

So what are we, Mature men, can learn from this fable, written for children?

1. Never too late to start a new path

At the time of the description of the actions of these exciting events Baggins Bilbo was fifty years old. The hobbit the retirement age was living his regular life, while on his doorstep does not arise magician — Gandalf the Grey.

To say that this meeting turned the life of the Bigfoot creature, not to say anything. Baggins lived in a comfortable burrow, knowing neither hunger nor thirst, where every day obeyed a strict order for many decades. Bilbo himself says: «it is Unlikely that in our area you will find someone who like adventure. Some of them still skip lunch!»

And yet ultimately he becomes the protagonist of an outstanding adventure, which is loved by millions of fans around the world.

Baggins often complains and sad around the house, but stubbornly goes to his goal, overcoming barriers and obstacles, starting first with those that are in his head.

So when are you going to whine about the fact that you already too late to change something that you’re too old for this shit, and you can’t teach any new tricks, awaken your inner Bilbo Baggins and walk out the door of his well lived-in comfort zone.

2. Don’t limit the freedom of others

There are many leadership lessons that we generously bearded sage Gandalf, but his particular style of mentoring necessary to allocate in the first place.

For a long time soprovojdaet Gandalf, Bilbo and strongly customized company of dwarves in this adventure, helping with honor and dignity to emerge victorious from all sorts of situations, but at one point he throws them in the lurch.

The main goal of the mentor is to help their students, especially at the beginning of their arduous journey, but to let go of the leash when the time comes.

It’s not easy to do, because I needed to fully trust in the ability and consciousness of a person, because you give up control of the situation and take responsibility.

Think about well-known coaches athletes: they teach and instruct, but they do not gain the victory.

3. Keep the strike

One of the most memorable scenes is the moment when Baggins decides to fight with a huge spider, realizing that there is no help. In such a situation, you can simply stain your pants and wait for the approaching inevitable, and can stain the pants, but to do everything possible to sell his life dearly.

Of course, you hardly will one on one with an angry vasimalai a monster, but, in fact, everyone hides their personal monsters under the bed.

Don’t remember who said this phrase, but it definitely took the top of my personal top motivating statements: «Always do what you’re afraid of» (without fanaticism, of course).

For example, if you go into a fierce panic, because even the thought about height for you is unbearable, jump with a parachute, learn to swim, if the water surface scares you. Do all you can to not be held hostage to your fears that will sooner or later overtake you at the most inopportune moment, and lay with his head.

4. Finish what you started

We all remember the pivotal scene when Bilbo stepping through the dark damp tunnel, the walls of which reflected only the sound of his footsteps finally found what I was looking for: in the depths of the cave, he saw the outlines of the dragon could hear his noisy breathing, but so far undetected… the fact that the hobbit made it here alive and unharmed, is already a considerable achievement, but what next? And then we see the fierce battle and it not battle with the monster, and himself, with his doubts and fears, and willpower.

Of course, his imagination in vivid colors he painted a plausible scenario of the plot, but he boldly stepped forward as needed to bring the case to the end. Otherwise, for what has been done this way?

This moment of the film shows us how important it is not to doubt the correctness of his deliberate decision and chosen path.

5. The history may not be simple

Imagine your life as a story in the pages of the book. Think about how being old you will gather their grandchildren and will tell you awesome stories: «So… I have lived a decent life… my money, bought two cars, I have an apartment and a new plasma, from which every night I can see the series «Capercaillie». And, if you alter the story? Describing his life as «I researched», «left», «love…», «fought and won», «won», not only do you take your surroundings with an interesting story, and he’ll be happy to summarize the results.

The biggest achievement, whether personal or social, are realized through struggle and resistance. Don’t be afraid of the challenge, which will once again throw you luck, because, quite possibly, is the beginning of great and worth history.

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