Grill, why fry

Any good thing that you had in life, has its own history. You may not know, but it definitely is, even the stone that you picked up from the beach while on vacation. Even from a traumatic gun, which was donated by a good friend to you on the twenty-fifth birthday. If things are not history, then it is useless — a real waste. And the work she is likely to be bad.

So if you buy something cool, not cheap, but good quality, you should take a look at the biography of the company that released the product. And then it becomes clear — this product deserves your trust. Explain this truth in a very relevant example — the gas grill from «Napoleon,» which has no relation to the French, but the roots of the bites into the earth of Canada — the country where everyone walks around with an axe to clear his way home from the forest, as well as a nice piece of steak to cook it on the handy gas grill.

The history of the brand


The company «Napoleon» is a family business with a pleasant history, saturated with innovation and real skill of the workers from the engineering. The beginning was in 1976. That’s when Wolfgang Schroeter, a young engineer from Germany, decided to open a small factory in the town of berry, located in Ontario, Canada.

The enterprise specialized in the production of simple steel parts, but after a while the company Wolf Steel Ltd. launched its first wood-burning stove. It was a monster which consisted of a cast iron furnace with two doors. In 1981 there was a brand of Napoleon, who immediately broke his first innovation they have produced a fireplace with a heat-resistant glass door.

It is this open fireplace allowed the «Napoleon» to go far beyond the province of Ontario and to conquer the whole of Canada. It was the turning point which allowed the company Shreter to invest in outlets to other markets, among which was a place of Russia. The tradition of the brand «Napoleon» is the systematic use of advanced technologies in the production, introduction of new designs and excellent quality control, which allows to increase the lifetime of the equipment. The company has already become the largest private manufacturer of wood and gas fireplaces, gas and charcoal grills, and heating and ventilation equipment. If we talk about reputation, it is the company in full.

Napoleon TravelQ™-285X


Open you a secret — this grill we picked specifically for its editorial Board to prepare it and share with you recipes in our section «Food and drinks». The fact that we needed a compact, high-quality and that gas grill that you can use not only outside, but also on the terraces with balconies. That is, it can be used to cook steak, even when the window hit rain, hail and snow storm. We were important a large surface, which really would be to prepare at a time 20 burgers to feed everyone in our room. The problem with many gas mini grills that they this surface does not possess. But with a Napoleon TravelQ™-285X turned out differently.The unit itself is in 2014 received the prestigious «Vesta Award, which is awarded only to the best grills. On the market a barbecue with him, few can compete. He as ever is a leader in quality and innovation among similar grills. Wildly we liked the design, which, however, was not a decisive argument in favor of buying «Napoleon». Still more important power of the burners and their functionality.

It torches us and was attracted to this model — it has two burners, which produce a total power of 4.1 kW. Both burners are independent of each other, which allows the use of indirect and direct cooking method. In the first case you like baked food, placing it away from the heat source. The burner can be unscrewed on a maximum at one end of the grill and the food to place on the other end under the hood. Heat directly, so the food is heated more evenly. But if you use the direct method of grilling, the meat is roasted directly over the burners included. Classic cooking style, which we use most often.


Separately, we want to talk about comfortable design. It is complex, so you can hang the grill on the wall, thus saving a lot of space. If you are going on a journey, the grill can be freely put into the trunk of any car. The frame of the grill folds up in one motion and two motions to put you just lift the grill up and gently pull. In Napoleon TravelQ™-285X even has its own prestole where you can prepare meals or lay down their knives, blades and forks.

So we got the best value purchase: excellent functionality, incredible compactness, two great independent burners, instant ignition and an independent control system. For pragmatists, we looked at the warranty and was glad that she applies to the next ten years.As it comes to personal use, we can’t thank sellers specialized store, barbecue Ranch. The guys helped us with the selection, consulted, picked up the model, which is suitable specifically for our case, and even arranged delivery. Recommend them.

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