Grill «Argentina»


The whole summer ahead, and certainly in the plans field trips and evenings in the country. We have already talked about how to choose a quality grill, now let’s talk about the equipment more powerful grill.

Surely you have been the victim of low-quality grills purchased in large supermarkets or roadside stores. Even being a virtuoso chef, they can easily spoil the meat it is fresh, charred, or failing rubber (worse than in the movie «Bad Dennis»). Of course, there is a principle «avaricious pays twice».

So I have to say: we use a cool technique that brings pleasure in the cooking process and operation. If we have the same opinion, feel free to choose a grill with adjustable heat.

This is a complex, but reliable equipment with endless culinary possibilities will last you for years to come. With this grill it is possible to accurately set the temperature mode to cook meat, fish and vegetables simultaneously and do not depend on sparked or extinguished coals. In other words, to fully control the cooking process much easier.

These barbecues are widely distributed in the United States and especially in South America. Almost each country has its own kind of grill, a different method of lifting the meat over the coals and tilt of the lattice.

The most common type of such a grill «Argentina«, it is intended solely for cooking use of firewood and charcoal. This option is derived from the lattice, which is raised and lowered over the fire, a historic sign has been preserved in the grill this day. The cooking grate over the coals is regulated with special controls.Its size is relatively small: 850h465 mm. the Convenience lies in the fact that the change of sintering is achieved through a V-shaped grille and the fat drains into a special container. The robust housing of the grill «Argentina» made of steel with a thickness of 5 mm, ensures a long and faithful service. Usually lined with fireclay brick brand SB-5 (46 PCs.). At first glance, the grill can seem quite cumbersome, but its weight without bricks is only 89 kg, which means easy installation, for example, in the country. Thus, the next couple of decades, you can arrange the best steak party cottage settlement.

Where to buy? In the manufacture of barbecues this level specializiruetsya company «Vesta», whose activity has no analogues in Russia. Since 2012, their products runs the entire process: from design and development to delivery to the final consumer. Today in «News» there are many items and styles of products including open and closed grills, furnaces for Kazan, smoker, pizza oven, complexes of the equipment.


In high-performance ovens are filters that take most of the smoke and smell and food is cooked on natural fire (and you know that in the process of heat treatment of food to a crust, which retains maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins in cooked dishes).

If you cook meat and vegetables on the grill more than a hobby, «Vesta» offers mobile wood burning oven on a trailer, is specially designed for mobile trading and catering.

Their design is lightweight compared to the base case, but the increased thickness of insulation. This allows you to embed them into vans, street food, and car trailers that are transported by regular passenger car. An important advantage of wood stoves is the lack of the necessary electricity.

Grill «Argentina» will help you transform from an insecure Amateur to master in cooking steaks and fish on the grill. Experiment and don’t forget to delight the culinary exploits of a loved one.

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