Greek bro invented a system for the determination of alcohol by the thermal image

Greek bro invented a system for the determination of alcohol by the thermal image. Technology analysis of thermal images in the near future may help to identify the drunk man before he crosses the line of decency. Anyway, hope the developers of the corresponding software from the University of Patras (Greece).

the definition of alcohol by the thermal image

Software that developed by the Greeks, will be able to automatically determine if the person is an excessive amount of alcohol, only after analyzing the relative temperature of different points on the face.

The team used in their work, two algorithms to determine what people drank quite a lot. The first is a simple measure of warmth to certain points on the face. The obtained values are then compared with the values from the database that contains the image as a sober and drunk people. Due to the expansion of blood vessels under the influence of alcohol at the images you will see bright spots of higher temperatures. This approach can also be used at borders and in airports to detect people sick with the flu or other diseases causing fever.

The second approach is based on the comparison of the temperatures of various parts of the skin and assessment of shared values. In particular, the researchers noticed that drunk people the temperature rises in the center of the nose, and the forehead looks a bit cooler.

The combination of the two algorithms can work quite effectively to scan people entering public places or attempting to buy alcoholic beverages.

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