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Today the whole world remembers John Lennon. If not for Chapman and crazy novel by J. D. Salinger «the catcher in the rye», had an influence on his strange brain, we would not just remember, but also see and read another interview where he calls angry quarreled the world to live in is impossible, but such a beautiful utopia, which he himself had no idea. Sensible prescription, how to get along with Arabs and Jews, the West and the East, because it is not given. Surely praised his wife Yoko, and maybe even during the time when he was alive with a kind and decent beatle George Harrison, they teamed up on a couple of other world tour. After all, he was a talented showman. Although the role of Lennon in the world of music is huge and significant, no doubt about it. And we treat him with great respect, despite the fact that Harrison and McCartney we like more. And yet none of them have called for peace and harmony, like Lennon. Maybe this all was part of the show, but, in fact, of the verb it is crystal clear and even sick the truth, is inaccessible to many. Therefore, in an era when the world all goes to hell when I found out people had died out of the race when nowhere else to go because everywhere lunatics… and it’s bad, when every new month, a new war, his songs are very relevant. We took the most famous, put them on the shelves to highlight the point. The Beatles did not take, only solo work. Quote also, a lot of them on the Internet. Only the wisdom. Song wisdom.


I don’t believe in magic,

Don’t trust the I Ching,

Do not believe in the Bible,

No Tarot,

I don’t believe in Hitler, Jesus,

Kennedy is not the boss of me,

Just as the Buddha;

I don’t believe in the power of mantras

Don’t believe in Gita;

I don’t care about yoga

I am indifferent to the kings,

I don’t believe in Elvis,

Don’t believe in Zimmerman…

I don’t believe in Beatles,

And believe only in themselves.

At – so into Yoko.In my opinion, this is one of the strongest solo works. A song that is somewhat reminiscent of «Perfect day» Lou reed in terms of music, is as fierce delight while listening. Lennon, who believed that religion, like the border, strongly divide people literally crap everyone from Catholics to Hindus. Went to Bob Dylan (aka Zimmerman), who at that time was very fond of writing provocative songs against the system. And even Elvis, he does not believe, although he claimed:

Before Elvis there was nothing.The right song from the point of view from any point of view. Don’t let any preachers or the fact that dressed in robes or those who are on stage with a guitar, to defile your brain. Lennon is in this case not a preacher, and the filter. Believe in yourself and in your loved ones, others do not. You yourself can’t change? And favorite? That’s it.

The last phrase of the song sounds like the verdict and call for the immediate and growing «end of Dreams». However, this is a very interesting line.

But now born again: I was the walrus, But was merely John.The film «Tusk» came out much later, so to impress them he could not. What is he talking about? And that discarding of dreams and wild imagination, took off his impenetrable ivory skin, you be yourself, man. Only then you begin to live.


Imagine, that did not

For the country to divide the world

Reasons not to be killed,

And nothing to kill.What’s the point to talk about this legendary song? Each phrase of the song to be printed on banners and hung wherever there are people to creature sight. The main song in Lennon’s life. And all would be fine if the clip was not sitting tired even retired from the Kirov heartland Yoko. The song itself is a hymn to the noble ideals and delicate illustration only protest that it was in the 70s.

And yet, going back to the quote, what sadness! Sad that it will never happen. Policies and interests more clearly and more clearly draws the boundaries, even within companies. So we suffer more Mufazalov century.

Failed to pass by religion:

Imagine there's no heaven, Only sky blue, there is No hell.Why do we need heaven when we can work together to make peace on earth better? Why is there a hell, if life’s it like? It was talked about this old Lennon. Well, that all these afterlife framework greatly complicates life. Elegance and even elegance live a century in simplicity.

In the end Lennon is justified:

Maybe I’m a dreamer

But I am not alone.

In our range, hurry up,

And the world will be United.

Here, unlike the previous songs, he still believes in humanity, considers himself a dreamer. «God» he has grown, and it’s in the clouds. However, there is wisdom in this. If we all pull their socks up and tried to make life better, she would have gotten better.

Give Peace a Chance

To interpret the content of the text «Give Peace a Chance» there is no need. He expressed clearly in the title of the song. Officials who every day render a verdict each other, seemingly buried all prospects in this world under a thick layer of armor and cement, assuring that all is lost. So Lennon, crazy like Jesus, and apparently imagines himself because of the similarity of the shepherd and Savior of all living» (as joked about it the newspaper), in a simple manner pleads «Give peace a chance.» Less talk, more action! Does this song recorded with 4 microphones. Because There is only guitar and percussion, meanwhile, a song on the charts was delayed for a long time.

First words seem more nonsense than music. And then a closer look, remember what you’re talking about media, I think, and convinced that Masturbation is not casual remembered.

Everyone is saying:

«Revolution, evolution, Masturbation,

Flagellation, regulation, integration,

Meditation And The United Nations.So, the song just repeats the words. But! The words that are pouring from everywhere, words that persuade and incite, the words that enters into a state of national impotence. That’s why Lennon and asks to give peace a chance. This is the kind of sarcasm which has suited the tastes of the masses and the only who did not peredevalsya.

Working-class hero

Song as antique clocks that who only did not use. And, who has not sung. But there is something.

If you’re clever, hate you if foolish, despise.

Until you break, you can’t play by their rules.Around about the same sang Pink Floyd, and it is not strange they here to wedge, Sergey Mikhalok, riding on the group «Lyapis Trubetskoy». By the way, many others. And all write about it without metaphors, because broken down and absorbed by the system of the mind metaphors a little, he needed directly. Here, Lennon said.

After twenty years of abuse and humiliation You still have to earn a living. And you're already on what can not, leads you to fear.A familiar situation, probably intuitive to many, isn’t it? Everything I wanted to say Lennon: the system doesn’t care, she chews and spits out.

Of course, this can not agree, because do not you make the system work, and you her. And anyway, you’re too smart and full of energy. Maybe, but these lines, like a cold shower. Now, more than ever, actually, in the era of virtual networks, and flows from the nozzle of religious fanaticism. It’s not even funny.

You become dependent on religion, television and sex.

You begin to feel that you are worth something, that you are independent and free.Of course, Lennon wrote about the system. How she ruthlessly «Rivet serfs». This, incidentally, is also the words of the celebrant from the same song. By the way, he gives an explanation as to why people are blindly going on about:

Over time, the pain becomes so acute That you're not able to perceive anything.And John considers himself something of a mission. But in vain, for the Lord is very angry. In fact, the constantly repeated refrain: «to understand this, one must be born a working class hero» is it immodest about himself. However, Lennon became a hero to hippies and Bohemians, the working class in the most part he was too uninteresting with their protests.

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