Great conquerors of antiquity #2

When we wrote to you about the glorious conquerors of antiquity. Long ago it was over a year ago. Excellent article demanded its continuation. Yes, we rather sucked, but you had to wait less than the output of the third Half Life. Not prohibited by law, release, when I want, 95% of useful articles about well-dressed men GQ.

So I suggest you to plunge into the era of bloody and taste the era in which you and I would kill first.

Hannibal Just don’t confuse her with the great-grandfather of Alexander Abram Petrovich. It will be about the great ruler.

In those days when Rome was young and gaining momentum by the Republic, their main enemies were not barbarians, but civilized and refined Carthaginians, nee Pune. Proud shopping oligarchic Republic rich in every day. Loaded with spices, textiles, oils, precious woods Carthaginian ships laid a vast network of trade routes throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. The state is richer than irritated their neighbors. Money was as dirt, but the army – shish. Was a great fleet, inherited from the ancestors of the Phoenicians, but with a land army was in trouble. Instead of recruiting the handsome men of the villages and cities, merchants and rulers Animalia mercenaries from all known at the time of the globe. There were median cavalry and Indian elephants, and the mad Picts. But all this cheese-boron manage, you need good leadership, which in Carthage there was a whole family Barkey. First of Hamilcar mercenaries fought with Rome for Sicily, but eventually lost, taking in exchange a half of wild Spain by the Iberians. And it just continued nice Hannibal.

In the noble family Barkey all three sons have become generals (the other two – Hasdrubal and magon), who played an important role in the Punic wars. Others to do the craft was worthless – the directory is not allowed, and family brand had to be maintained.

Formation: When Hanibal was nine, dad took him to the Iberian trip. Before going Hamilcar sacrificed to the gods and forced his son to swear before the altar that all his life he will be an implacable enemy of Rome. What if the Pope was offended.

Hannibal lived in the camp, was reared among the soldiers. In Spain, Hannibal made friends with the Magon Samnites, Hannonen and Hannibal on the nickname of Monomakh – his future military associates. Eventually the guy started to take part in the campaigns of his father, pumping necessary skill.The formation of personality: 228 G. B. E. Hamilcar price of his own life saved surrounded gave its allies the sons. The new commander was the son of the right hand of Hamilcar – Hasdrubal (as seen in Carthage with names all very bad). That’s when it Hannibal started his career, quickly rising of the chief of cavalry. Young and hot trooper for their bravery and courage quickly won the respect of his colleagues, he is not pontovatsya his connections in the manual, and behaved decently.

Parati.kom.ua_9.06.2016_EN4ikIgl0F8fwAfter his brother-in-law, poisoned by a servant, the people’s Assembly decided to appoint the eldest son of Hamilcar. The guy fell in love all: and soldiers, and the elders, and the people’s Assembly. Not wiping snot on the face and not doing a foolish thing, the guy started to expand, pressing the oppressed indigenous tribes. They even complained of the Romans who protected useless Saguntum and unleashed an eight-month siege. Ambassadors «boot» even offered him a truce, but Hannibal sent them away. This led to the beginning of a good love story and the relationship between Rome and Carthage, which ended with the destruction of the latter.

Feature: Hannibal’s Strategy is characterized by the ability to correctly estimate the military-political situation and to use the contradictions in the camp of the enemy, care for the rear of the army, sustainability communications and supply bases, careful organization of the exploration and deep study of the battlefield and the theater of operations, comprehensive training and providing continuous transitions of the troops. The basis of the army Hannibal believed in the troops, the main striking force which were cavalry. The characteristic features of the tactics of Hannibal is a good knowledge of the enemy and the ability to use his weak hand, careful preparation of the battle, bold maneuver forces and a desire to defeat the enemy, the skillful use of surprise and new ways of actions, taking into account terrain features. The crown of leadership the art is Hannibal the battle of cannae, which became a new stage in the development of tactics, the first example of the encirclement of large enemy forces and its total destruction. But everything is very simple. The Carthaginians lined up in a Crescent, the Roman phalanx was hit in the center, and then the ends of the Crescent was locked, completely surrounded the Romans, and the battle became a slaughter.The path of the conqueror: Hannibal before made the transition Suvorov through the Alps, destroying on the way all those possible. A competent strategist, he was always a step ahead of the enemy. Like a cunning spider, he can easily ensnare even the most experienced enemy. It is the strategy and stratagem gave him a huge advantage.

Wading through the swamp, he got a terrible inflammation of the eye, which was blind in one eye. But even that didn’t stop him. While the Romans were panic-stricken, changing one defeated carrageenin military chief on the other, Hannibal lured to their side, former allies of Rome. He didn’t want to capture and destroy Rome, all he needed was to establish supremacy of Carthage in the Western Mediterranean.

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_HJpuBRZyiZZndHowever, even the coolest strategist cannot fight simultaneously with the enemy and their own superiors: Hannibal actively hamstrung themselves merchants, reasonably feared that, after defeating the Romans, Barca will establish a dictatorship. Hannibal withdrew at the crucial moment.

And then the Romans regained strength, gaining legions of even criminals and slaves, and Scipio began to tear UNICEF in Spain and Africa. When in the vicinity of Carthage landed Roman troops under the command of Scipio, Hannibal was urgently recalled from Italy to Africa, where clever Scipio, having made the orange revolution have Numidians, obtained the support of the most famous cavalry of the king of the Medes. Thus, Hannibal, in the year 202 lost what you gained, and in addition the independence of the state. The reason for the defeat was quite simple: meat grinders-hardened mercenaries of Hannibal, which have been under 40-45, it was not easy to fight with younger Legionnaires of Scipio. And the combat skills they are partially lost, not participating in battles of this scale for quite a while. Hannibal to resist in fact, with their copy-paste Scipio was much more difficult than some of the ambitious Consul.

At home, he started the political career, denouncing the oligarchs, did not pay the money to the Treasury. Of course, this really allowed him to amass only enemies. In the end, Hannibal had the rest of your life to touring and to help the different countries. From Armenia to Bithynia. The end of the great commander was inglorious – he drank the poison, not wanting to get into the unwashed hands of sworn enemies of the «boot», after the conclusion of peace between Bithynia and Rome.In the end: But in the end the image of Hannibal were interested in even Roman historians like Livy. A controversial military leader, almost killed the future of the Empire in its adolescence, and so ignominiously deceased. Years later, his name became a household word, and his exploits are better known than the exploits of any Roman commander. In any case, as it the Romans did not cheat anyone.


manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_gh09uGidHl16zOrigin: it is not known when Charles was born. There are opinions that this happened on 2 APR 742 years and agree. Parents Charles was ruler of the Franks Pepin the Short and Bertrada Leonskaja. Carl was the oldest child in the family, he was notable for good health, from early childhood he was endowed with an outstanding intellect and an extraordinary natural abilities, which were especially evident in the military.

The formation of personality: After the death of his father Carl, along with his younger brother Carloman ascended to the Royal throne. Each of them received his part of the Kingdom. However, the relationship between the brothers was like the relationship of spiders in the Bank. Bros nearly ruined the Kingdom, but this was avoided thanks to a happy coincidence, the death of Carloman. Carl, in turn, became sole ruler of all the Franks. However, during this period, Carl had to intermarry and make friends with potential allies Carloman and to make a successful campaign on the Basque. It is reasonable to assume that his brother Carl just soaked, not to engage in a bloody feud – ahead was a large zavoevaniya. But hand nobody was caught, so we assume that the younger brother himself has gone to the hereafter.Feature:the Eloquent and reverent, simple and fair – that is accepted to represent the first Roman Emperor after the fall of Rome. Most likely, this image has nothing to do with the real holder of the Franks. But who will portray good Christian cannibal that devours children, or a brutal killer who’s after the heir to his brother.

The path of the conqueror: after Coming to power, the king began to expand its territory and its sphere of influence. During his reign the Franks made 53 campaign, 27 of them were headed by Carl. So, for example, started the war with the Saxons, which lasted for 30 years and 3 years. Carl managed to destroy the main pagan Shrine of the idol Irminsul, to include the Saxons into the Empire and forced to Christianize. Not because he is Holy, and to obey.

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_rOcBjTUwBfyHOAfter that Charlemagne embarked on Italian Affairs. His first wife, Karl divorced in order to marry the daughter of the king of the Lombards, Desiderata, and therefore to conclude an Alliance with him. This Union did not last long after Carl is divorced and sent to Desiderata to the Pope, king of the Lombards, made war on the Franks, to get even for the sullied honor. In 773 year, at the request of Pope Adrian I, Charlemagne with his army moved South, to Italy. After defeating the Lombards in 774, the year their state was annexed to the Frankish Kingdom. Adrian I proclaimed Charlemagne Emperor of Rome, and Charles, in turn, recognized the right of the Pope spiritual authority throughout Western Europe.

After part of the Kingdom entered Bavaria. The territory of the possessions of Charles stretched from Spain to the Elbe, from Naples to the border of the North sea. The Spain to conquer failed, because of the brave Basques did not want to see some crazy Germans as their king. By the way, the famous «Song of Roland» was dedicated to the failed campaign of Charles. Of course, there was «hundreds of thousands of the Saracens», and indeed the event itself was not, but to raise the Patriotic feelings of all good.

The capital of the great United States became the German city of Aachen. Carl, the state was divided into counties, at the head of which he placed his faithful people. In counties without the need for the ruler did not intervene. Carl made laws and rules that are respected by the locals.

Especially the huge contribution of Carl in education. He issued a decree on the establishment of schools in monasteries, in the year 789 – compulsory education of the whole free male population. Harsh age, women don’t belong here.That in the end, Collecting the most powerful Empire of that time in the framework of classical feudalism, Carl became a Scourge of God, punishing those who did not recognize Christ. If not for his Empire, the boundaries of modern Germany, Italy and France would be quite different. And if his Empire lasted at least 200 years, the current map of Europe would be very different, but, unfortunately, the sons divided the Empire into pieces, like a hungry herd of birthday cake.


manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_PiSakZ3ng502YCaution, the text is very much break up!!!

Origin: Move from Europe to the mysterious Mexico to the harsh medieval rulers, who performed genocides before it was done to them by the Spaniards. We will focus on the Aztecs, and perhaps the biggest of their leader, which, in fact, created known to us by movie Empire.

Montezuma was the son of tlatoani (i.e. the ruler) of the Aztec Writeouts (1395-1414.) and girls Meachanical. According to legend, the father of his mother, Somatically could turn into animals and was extremely suspicious. He surrounded his daughter with protection from spiders, centipedes, snakes, bats and Scorpions. Not having for this reason to communicate with loved ones, Huitzilihuitl sent her through the air the magic arrow with jade stone. Catching the arrow, the girl became curious and decided to try the stone on the taste (what do you do when you see an unfamiliar stones?) and soon was pregnant, as it later turned out, of Montezuma and his brother tlacaelel the. That’s all there is to know about the origin of the Creator of the great Empire of the New World.

The formation of personality: After his father’s death in 1414, Montezuma took part in the election campaign for the post tlatoani of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico city), but lost the election of his half-brother with the unpronounceable name. When he died half brother, Montezuma, was invited to rule the city, but he refused in favor of his warlike uncle Itzcoatl, in which he became captain. And then it started…the path of the conqueror: Being one of the closest associates of Itzcoatl, Montezuma took part in its victorious war of independence from Aztec, Azcapotzalco, took part in the creation of a Tripartite Alliance between Tenochtitlan, Tlacopan and Texcoco and became part of the Supreme Council of four.

After my uncle died, it was the turn of Montezuma to rule the Aztecs. And that’s when it disparate tribes became an Empire. Continuing a policy of expansion, it has expanded its property in geometrical progression, bringing together around Tenochtitlan new land. Before that the Aztecs, like the Babylonians, the Greeks, each city was a separate state. Pointless to list the numerous peoples and tribes who were conquered in the worst sense of the word cunning Aztec. In the annals speaks of «the 33 cities and 25 Nations.» Well, believe it because the Aztecs, not the most promising tribe in Mexico, managed to reach the coast of both oceans.

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_r2FtjWZyvkcDwFeature: we can Not say that Montezuma has achieved such success by one only military craft. In the conquered territories was sparked riots that had to immediately extinguish. Therefore, Montezuma, resorted to measures, corresponding rather to comrade Stalin, namely, the move of the rebels in other cities. Did not disdain and total destruction of entire towns. But the main tool sacralization of self-image, like stories about birth. He became revered as a God, and by him the laws were called «sparks emitted from the fire and planted in the breast of the great tlatoani Montezuma».

It is the bloody leader of the Aztecs accustomed to regular blood sacrifices. Usually sacrificed the prisoners. For example, after the victory over wastetime holiday with bloody sacrifices lasted for nearly 20 days. But victims was not enough. Then came the idea: hold a so-called «flower war» between the cities of the triple Alliance, to temper the appetites of blood-thirsty gods.In the end: From Montezuma was the grandson, who is known much more for his grandfather. His name was the same – Montezuma, but the younger the Aztec Empire ceased to exist, and about the relationship between Cortes and the last Aztec Emperor says a lot.

Senior Montezuma, laid the foundations of the Aztec Empire, which lasted until her death. He gave the Aztec Empire the usual form, built famous aqueducts, dams, planted rare gardens in which grew all kinds of tropical plants.

In fact, the most famous of the Indian state is exclusively the work of his hands. So, they’re covered in blood, but in this cruel region, where even religious rituals are not complete without a murder, otherwise it is impossible.

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