Great books that were not recognized at the time of their appearance

manygoodtips.com_15.01.2015_etbyj9ly4NidxMany great thinkers and artists often go unrecognized during his lifetime. The genius of such works were not appreciated when they first saw the light. But now these books are known, read and loved for many generations. Keep up you.

1. «Moby dick or the White whale», Herman Melville


This work is a most famous book by Herman Melville has earned the respect of critics, literary critics, has earned the status of classics that you enjoy reading different people over the last several centuries, and Starbucks borrowed the name and motive of the logo, drawing inspiration from the pages of this novel. At that time, when the author was still alive, the book could hardly be called a bestseller. When the sale was released a total of 3715 copies that readers were reluctant to buy, paying attention to other works of Melville. For example, «Tajjpi, or a Cursory glance at Polynesian life» (16300 copies) or «WMD: a tale of adventures in the South seas» (13300 copies).

The newspaper «Charleston Southern Quarterly Review» also struck a significant blow to the ego of Melville, published a very flattering review of «the White whale». The novel is called «cumbersome», «inappropriate», «does not meet the tastes of readers». And after the death of Herman a newspaper printing his obituary, described Melville as «a long-forgotten author.»

The genius of Melville has received international acclaim, and the book has earned the title of masterpiece, after a very long time after the author’s death. Only in the 2-nd third of the XX century the novel began to characterize the outcome as a work of literature of American romanticism, and he is firmly established in the list of the most paradigmatic works of American literature.

2. «The sound and the fury», William Faulkner


«The sound and the fury» – book, which is currently regarded as undoubted literary masterpiece, written by one of the greatest authors of the 20th century were also not held in high esteem, neither the critics nor readers at the time of publication. Innovative literary techniques used by Faulkner to write the novel, has not caused the expected reaction and approval among the reading community. The newspaper wrote that «the intentional darkness on the first pages of repels, and does not invite». That’s just Faulkner public opinion a little bothered, because he was firmly convinced that he had written a masterpiece. According to Ben Wasson, literary agent, Faulkner, handing over the manuscript, William said that this was the biggest thing he has created.

That all changed in 1931, when Faulkner published his sixth novel, «Sanctuary», written only in order to earn their bread. «Sanctuary» was a resounding success, and this wave of people have remembered the book «the sound and the Fury», looking at the unrecognized page in a different light.

3. «On the road», Jack Kerouac

It was a

When the first novel of Kerouac’s «the Town and the City» rejected by six different publishing houses, but he still continued to write, and all his manuscripts were also rejected. In a letter to his literary agent, he asked: «Well, why don’t they understand that I am good?!» His novel «On the road» for a long time perceived as frivolous and mediocre literature, considering the popularity of banicescu temporary. Now the novel takes pride of place in all kinds of lists and rankings of the best literary works, and each generation sees in him something different, something honest and crazy.

4. «The master and Margarita» Mikhail Bulgakov


Bulgakov considered this work the main book of his life. His great novel Bulgakov wrote for 12 years, between 1928 and 1940 but it was published only in 1966, 26 years after his death. His wife kept all the manuscripts and gave them to read the famous philologist A. Of. Vulis, who was shocked to the depths and splendor of the work. It contributed to the fact that the novel was published in magazine «Moscow» in 1966-1967, albeit in a shortened edited version.

5. «Heart Of Darkness», Joseph Conrad


First Novella was published in a General collection of stories and nothing has come to the attention of the readers. Critics said that the image of Africa, which was the heart of darkness, too hard and dark. But the motive of this book where each man opened the lowest animal instincts, are reflected in such films as «Aguirre, the wrath of God» and «Apocalypse now.»

6. «Catch-22», Joseph Heller


In 1961, the newspaper «New York Times Book Review» has published a review on this book, which said that «catch-22″ is a comic, passionate, and passionate work, but it suffocates from lack of this feeling and sensitivity. Portrait gallery, a collection of anecdotes, a parade of scenes – everything is fine, but not new. All this has been. The author, Joseph Heller, like the ingenious artist ventured to throw all their ideas from different albums on one painting, trying to charm and shock, thus trying to compensate the lack of design and composition.» Was reviews where critics called this novel «formless pornographic and immoral», and he was criticized for bad taste and inability to write. Nevertheless, today the phrase «catch-22″ became a household word in the United States, labeling is absurd, no-win situation. The novel is the eleventh in the list of 200 best books according to the BBC» and seventh place in the list of «100 best novels of the Latest libraries».

7. «The Great Gatsby», F. Scott Fitzgerald


The most famous work of Fitzgerald once puzzling» and was accused of «tasteless performance.» A critic from the newspaper «Saturday Review» said that «the author deserves for such a text to a good kick.» Just sold less than 24,000 copies of the book, and during the great depression and the Second world war and it fell out of sight. And although the book has long been considered classic literature, DiCaprio has invested a great contribution to the popularization of the work, starring in the film adaptation of the same name.

8. «Lolita» — Vladimir Nabokov


This piece got turned down countless times. Editor of the «Chicago Tribune» stated categorically that «Lolita» is pornography, and we do not plan to publish this book.» But paradoxically, this kind of reaction to the contents of the book eventually led to its popularity. The story of 12-year-old nymphet (Nabokov’s own phrasing) was scandalous, and scandal is always good for sales.

9. The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka

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Kafka died before much of his work was published and recognized. If posthumous wishes Kafka had been complied with, all of his unpublished works were not burned. «Metamorphosis» was published in the literary journal in 1915, nine years before his death, but the novel did not attract attention and, of course, could not take place, which is now occupied.

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