Gravitational waves: Einstein’s Children

manygoodtips.com_16.02.2016_nq24msRgfMzeBThe end of last week ripped the zipper of scientific and technical progress. You probably know, we are talking about those «gravitational waves» that, apparently, moved from the category of theoretical speculation a century ago in the category of «it’s fucking true!». About this a lot of people were very vocal on all lanes and in every alley. Even familiar drunks and discussed the incredible opening of an international team of physicists. But we decided to delve into the essence of the discoveries, because so little is said about what it portends for humanity, and why it’s so important for us, ordinary people, far from physics and science.Sensation introduced to the world on February 11 at a press conference in Washington. If you omit all the details, then the project team of the international LIGO Scientific Collaboration managed to capture gravitational waves in the laboratory. For this purpose they used several observatories, the detectors, the principle of which we necessarily know. The Observatory is located in the States of Louisiana and Washington. Their main activity is the study of a laser-interferometric gravitational-wave data. To find this previously mythical gravity wave, was built specifically for the project two LIGO interferometers (they are perpendicular, but have a length of 4 kilometers). All this fun, of course, is huge money. Researchers believed that the waves formed by the merger of two black holes, and if these waves are to be detected, the theory of relativity will disappear a lot of questions that made it just a theory.

Of course, scientists have recorded the signal of this merger. It happened on 14 September 2015. There was a black hole had a mass of 62 of the sun (the first black hole was a mass of 36 suns, and the second in 29), and it was at 1.3 billion light years from our lost in the periphery of the cosmos the planet (hence, the event that was recorded, occurred 1.3 billion years ago!). Gravitational waves, which began to spread in the time of the merger of the holes, was speeding in our direction at the speed of light, but gradually they subsided. In the result, they are difficult to distinguish from the usual vibrations of the planet like the usual noise.

Why is there such a strong connection between the theory of relativity of albert Einstein and gravitational waves? If you’re a physicist, you can easily answer this question. It’s all in the wave equations of the type proposed by Einstein, the solution of which corresponds to perturbations of space-time that moves at the speed of light. You might know that these equations was proposed in 1915, but one hundred years (one hundred years and one year, to be exact) no one found them for confirmation. Of course, to this conference in Washington, which took place on 11 February. And this event was dubbed the largest in science lately. That was in theory, became true in practice.

That the signal is not fake, but a real following of gravitational waves, we learned almost immediately, as it was discovered during the test run of LIGO, when a similar «inzhekt», stuffing, and not made them virtually impossible to implement.

– Michael Gorodetsky, a member of the LIGO –AND yet, if we talk about gravitational waves it in the simplest terms, what does this prove? What good to us from the fact that Einstein was right? Scientists are always wrong, and soon turn right or face oblivion. To other people it is difficult to determine the genius of their research. It remains only to blindly admire, or forget about this part of human life. But not in this case, because the opening has a direct effect on human the direction of development, awareness of man’s place in the Universe.

The fact that gravitational waves, as long believed by scientists, is a consequence of the Big Bang, and hence the beginning of our Universe, a first cause of space and time. It turns out, now we can confidently assert that the only truth of the Universe lies not in the Scriptures, not the writings of astrologers and magicians and the Big Bang theory. Of course, it has gaps, but, this time, not as significant as this huge uncertainty that has existed for as long as we are not aware of the authenticity of gravitational waves. Thus, the people once again can see the benefits of a scientific approach to the organization of human society.

Scientists received the final proof of the existence of waves under Einstein. It is a triumph that proves the correctness of the theory of relativity.

– Tages-Anzeiger –Many of us thought that now the man is in a state of scientific stagnation, but recent events only prove that we either just before or in the process of new scientific and technological revolution. While we continue to see obscurantism and religious wars, which, in fact, and therefore active, that can not oppose their dogmas strict and overwhelming scientific fact. They have no answer to questions that have scientific community. And sooner or later they will be prepared for its place on the debris of history.

manygoodtips.com_16.02.2016_aKk5hdpVHKpSnBut we digress from the science itself, but promised to tell you more. Recording gravitational waves was not an end in itself. In fact, scientists will never throw such catastrophically huge financial resources to study a particular problem. Therefore, we can highlight a few scientific results, each of which is bloody important for the future development of mankind.

First, people finally found a direct confirmation of the existence of black holes. Yes, theoretically we knew about black holes for many years, and here’s the touch that theory could not. Now it is safe to say that black holes exist. This is also true for double black holes (after all, scientists have observed the merger of two separate black holes), that is all it really is. Besides, up to this time had special tools that would help us to study these space objects, and in fact around the black holes so many interesting fear which fueled fantasy films, like time travel or corridors to other Universes.

Black holes are like dinosaur bones Universe, so in a sense we can do something like stellar archaeology and look at the history of the Universe through the products of these major stars.

physicist Brian Greene –second, we understand how fast moving gravity. Newton believed it was infinite, Laplace, calculating it according to the movement of the moon, I thought that the speed of gravity exceed the speed of light in 50 million times. Up to this point there were a lot of theories that explained the speed of gravity one way or another. And only Einstein thought that its speed equals the speed of light. After scientists from the LIGO measured the difference between the time of arrival of gravitational waves, they found the speed of gravity the speed of light. However, this does not mean that all other gravitational theory is completely wrong, because some of them are constructed on the basis of the General theory of relativity. In the future they can be more accurate, but it’s the little things, because we can already discard a considerable number of untenable theories.

Thirdly, now humanity has a another way of observing the Universe: the so-called gravitational-wave astronomy, and so many astronomers in the future will study this profile and to study the intricacies of cosmic existence from a position of gravitational waves. There was a huge scope for research, which has nothing to do with passed, and it was good. The new area will breathe a certain spirit of adventure in the minds of scientists. Besides, it is always nice to know that you’re working in the best direction, which, for your happiness, recognized from the very beginning of its existence. Einstein wrote his equation of special relativity the slowing of time and other practical applications could not see any. Less than a hundred years as it appears. Another example is Faraday, who showed his experiments of electromagnetic induction in the mid-nineteenth century. When asked why, he said that that does not need this basic science. Now any of our engine, the electric motor works on this principle.

Ruben Sahakian, Professor of physics at University College London –In the case of the discovery of gravitational waves, the situation is the same. If you hope that tomorrow will be flying cars or time machines, you have to curb your enthusiasm and wait a bit. Ultimately, such fundamental science events always find practical application in human life. But what will it be? Kind of another trinket which will enable us and without simple life, or something big, something that will help us to overcome the boundaries of the visible space? Not going to predict, but one can always dream on the subject. We can only hope that people will be reasonable.

And yet one can only wish the researchers from LIGO continued success. The sensitivity of gravitational wave detector are going to increase several times, meanwhile, soon had built a new that not only States were engaged in this laborious business. For example, will soon start its work on the Advanced Virgo detector in Italy, and KAGRA in Japan. There will also be a ten-Einstein Telescope and the LISA telescope with a length arm of the interferometer, 5 million kilometers. All this magnificence will be living in Europe. It is quite possible that Russia will join the process, because if humanity wants to go in the future, it must unite on this path. Hardly a single country can pull all this edifice.

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