Grants the best opportunity to prove himself

You obviously think very talented, intelligent or even just a smart guy. And here I sit in my apartment and think where to apply their skills. Universities often say that good professionals are needed everywhere. However, you probably already understand that this is not entirely true. Then you have the solution? You realize that you deserve more, but to invest in you no one wants. And who honestly wants to invest money in an unknown dude? You yourself wouldn’t do, right? But this is no reason to fall into despair and collapse on the couch, oblivious to the catatonic sleep. Don’t be sad! You still have one option that will help you to realize your talents. And his name is grant.

A bit of terminology:

Grant funds allocated to the charity for financial support of scientific research, scientists, authors of works of literature and art.

Because of this, and we will proceed.

In General, we have made the good for you list, as you may have guessed, we’re going to start in the following way.

1. Scientific

Hold.kom.ua_29.07.2015_GXV7VZ3spUBOBIf you’re a young scientist, wishing with their research, change, improve or take over the world, you will certainly be interested in the following list:

The Fulbright Program. Widespread educational grants program, which leads its history from the USA. In Russia, these grants also apply. The seriousness of the program easy to check on its graduates: 43 graduates of the Fulbright program received the Nobel prize, 28 – grants of the MacArthur Foundation and steel 78 Pulitzer prize winners. The program now operates in 155 countries, giving approximately 8,000 grants annually. Of course, a grant Fulbright become the best of the best. And why not try?

The Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund. One of the first private foundations in Russia, which is engaged in implementation of large-scale programs in the sphere of education and culture. What it is useful for you? For example, the fact that the budget of the Fund is 300 million rubles per year. With the help of these funds allocated to grants for teachers graduate, scholarship contests for students. Not so cool as it seems, but it is a very good initiative.

My first grant. Otherwise, «Competition of initiative scientific projects carried out by young scientists». The idea of the Russian Foundation for basic research. Quite interesting contest, which provides for a fixed remuneration 450,000 rubles, which the scientist may spend on your project. Grant was selected with the following areas: mathematics, mechanics and Informatics; physics and astronomy; chemistry and Sciences about materials; biology and medical science, Earth science, the science of man and society, information and communication technologies and computing systems fundamental bases of engineering Sciences. Age should not exceed 35 years, and the rest – relative freedom.

Generally this is full of grants and contests that would be helpful for people science different tastes and age. If you’re interested to learn more about active options, simply go to the website of the Foundation for fundamental research. You might find yourself something you like and according to their abilities.

The James Dyson Award. Prize for young inventors, the amount of which is 45 000 dollars. This event takes place every year in Chicago, USA, but to take part can be anyone. Scope: industrial design and engineering design. Participants can be students or alumni who graduated not more than 4 years ago. By the way, your project can be at any stage of development. The main thing – the idea and its viability. You can also gash several options, restrictions on the number of submitted works no. On top of that you can work on a project team. In General, it costs you nothing, so why not try it?

2. Creative

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2015_eWgtECd7nfr2xIf you are a man of art, and we know that such people are more difficult to find a job, then pay attention to this collection:

Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts. Simply put, it is a grant to study in the coolest program for artists. You should study in new York, but the application can send anyone. The courses last for six semesters, each of which consists of 4 weeks. The only conditions are: 1 – be non-profit artist over the age of 25; 2 – send 8 samples of their work; 3 – to write a CV, resume and cover letter; 4 – send the contact details of three referees; 5 – to receive the scholarship, you must specify the annual income.

Independent literary prize «Debut». A great opportunity for young writers to Express themselves. The contest has several nominations as well as an age limit. If you’re over 35 years old, can’t even send your manuscript. So the Fund tries to maintain Russian literature, which, according to many, is in a deplorable state. The winner in each category receives an exclusive contract with the publisher, as well as the amount of 1 million rubles.

Grant New York Film Academy. And this is for young filmmakers. A profession, which issued the grant (10-15 thousand dollars), extensive: movie actor, actor, cinematographer, film directing, directing for documentary, screenwriter, producer, journalism, and 3D animation. A considerable list, right? However, you need to have excellent knowledge of the English language, and also have secondary or higher education. Graduates of the new York Academy of Cinema was given permission to work after finishing any of the programs.

The International Photography Awards. Grant for photographers who know how to use a camera. Can participate any citizen of the world who has reached 18 years of age. There are several categories, each of which provides certain prizes, and a mandatory invitation to the awards ceremony, The Lucie Awards (provide hands on 2 tickets). And while you have the chance to win $ 10,000 and get a chance to get to the fashion photography exhibition you will also have to pay some money for participating. However, if you’re a student, the fee is very small – about $ 50, although you can meet in 15, but the chances will be less. For professional photographers entry fee a lot more.

Gladstone»s Library. If you’re already an established writer and you have a considerable list of published books, and everything else you’re a liberal and you know English, do not miss the opportunity for free living in a British mansion. The purpose of this grant is the development of liberal values in the country. The Gladstone library is the brainchild of a British politician of the nineteenth vekf William Gladstone. In General, the program is called writer-in-residence». You receive a grant, you pay the travel, accommodation and even the salary issue. Instead you write your books in the library and also spend a lecture on interesting to you theme. By the way, you will get access to one of the coolest libraries in Britain.

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