Grandma sold over the Internet for suicide

Once in this life do not earn, friend! Here’s a nice lady, God dandelion almost 92 years old, Charlotte Heidorn who sold everyone the kits to send to the light.

The old lady detained only for the fact that she was selling their deadly devices without a license since 2007.

Charlotte Heidorn (in the past, among other things, a school teacher) during his activities sold at least 1,300 devices for suicide. The old woman confessed that she had collected them herself.

The kit cost 40 to 60 dollars (which is more than godly, man). It consisted of a tube of a special plastic package and instruction manual for «users» who want to settle scores with life after inhaling helium. Required for this operations gas not included.

The old woman was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Probation.

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