Gramovox is the first Bluetooth gramophone for live sound, vintage gramophone can occur even in those who Grammophon seen only in pictures. So if you’re a fan of retro style, but is the son of the modern age, you’ll like what we now imagine.

Gramovox — the first of its kind Bluetooth gramophone. Its classic design is not only visually an exact copy of the gramophone trumpet, but also plays a natural, organic sound, adhering to the same acoustical principles as the old gramophone. Send music to this unusual device from any other that has bluetooth.

The gramophone consists of two parts: a wooden base (maple or walnut) and steel horns. Inside the box is a small circuit Board. According to the designers, they wanted to get as close to the original concept of gramophones and not a burden to your device, nothing extra. All the electronics and a small speaker are in a box of wood, however, it is difficult to manufacture and most importantly the functionality here — gramophone pipe that is an exact copy of this. This allowed the creators to get the sound as close to live sound of a vintage gramophone.


While such speakers have already appeared, Gramovox is the first model that fully supports wireless technology. The device features include a battery that lasts 15 hours, Bluetooth 3.0 and 60 mm the diffuser is manufactured by the amplifier 3 watt. Modern details are set in wooden case, therefore, the appearance of the device resembles the old style. Speaker acoustics is located at the base of the horn, which amplifies the sound.

You only need to link your IPhone or any other device with Bluetooth Gramovox and send a stream of music. In the sale of gramophone will appear in the third quarter of this year.

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