GRAMOPHONE — WALNUT — vintage and modern


Still, the iPhone and other Apple products are good because they have a huge number of different fun and stylish accessories. I would like to have Apple products not only for this reason but also because I took my tablet into eternal slavery. Among the various interesting accessories for «Apple» I found this stylish docking station that enhances the natural way the sound of your device. Put on the station, turned on the muzonchik, and he’s so warm lamp, playing. Docking station made from high quality wood, and the huge horn is made of steel. Probably in that box something like the labyrinth, this kind of shit in some boxes and sound systems found. The horn increases the volume of the music three times, making it a great solution for your home. In acoustics it is possible to do without digital processing.

Station for iPhone costs $ 200, and for the iPad — 300.


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