Grab a friend and go with her to the theatre

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_0ovF0CEOmMe1nWell, going with a friend to the theatre? But have you thought about how you need to dress up and generally how to behave? As always, we have to do everything for you, but we do not even too lazy to help you, because we are such fools as you.

Recently almost all of our editors was invited to the theater for the opening of the new season. What do you think? Only one of us visited this place, and he could not accurately formulate their thoughts. Now we will try to dig through and write a full list of tips on how to gather you and your friend to the theatre. So call your girlfriend, maybe she will also be interesting to read this article.

You must imagine how it was puzzled do not have to theatrical life in any way. We immediately sketched out on a sheet a list of cliches, which usually try on the image of the theatre but it turned out that not all of them correspond to the truth. Next week will be going to the theater and we, as women, think: «What should I wear?». Good that common sense prevails and we can now calmly collect my thoughts and make a list of necessary actions that you must do before going to the temple of Melpomene.

1. What are we watching?

This, of course, not in the cinema, but the choice is. By the way, try to find repertoire at least a month. You still need to have time to buy a ticket. If the production popular, that tickets may not stay.

When you look back at the poster, pay attention not only to the name of the play or plays, but the detailed description. In the plot there should beat indicated: city tours, or local troupes, author, Director, actors and performers, and even if it is not premiere, it must be a reference to the discussion of this action on the forum. There you can read the opinion of people who have already managed to watch the performance.

By the way, about a corpse. We here many say that if the troupe is local, the performance will be bad. Do not trust this delirium. Talented people exist everywhere. Saying all this in order to sell tickets to a performance of the famous team for the extraordinary, but allegedly justifiable price.

2. How you dress

A lot depends on what theatre you go to. If it’s some new youth theatre, where to put avant-garde plays and appreciate the audience and his opinion, but not the pathos and pretentiousness, you can wear a pair of jeans, a sweater, well, what are you doing on a daily basis. That is, you don’t have to go shopping for new clothes: you’re just going to relax and enjoy what is happening.

Well, if it’s an urban drama, for example, everything is a little more serious. No, you don’t have to buy a white tuxedo and new shoes. It’s all a myth that the theater is only allowed in this form. Actually would rather that you wear formal trousers and a neat ironed shirt. If you go to daycare or children’s performance, in this case, even the pants can be replaced straight jeans.

Tuxedos and suits, of course, also wear. For example, if you go to the premiere, it is imperative to dress for the occasion. If we are talking about colors, going to the theater choose black or other dark colors, avoid bright colors.

3. What to wear to your friend

You didn’t think that we’ll forget? She walks with you, so she does not hurt to get rid of a few clichés. Besides, she likes to go shopping in search of a new outfit! We can’t deprive her of this pleasure. Choose the dress your friend is not difficult if she will remember a few simple rules.

Let her ten times you will check again your outfit. It should not look like a super model. It will be enough that she will wear a comfortable black dress, preferably with long sleeves. Convenient — it does not mean shabby and hanging, which means that it can be a little boxy and will be comfortable in it — don’t need corsets and other bands and suspenders.

Also let’s not dressed brightly and put on something like invisible pearl necklace. Hair is better to collect in the beam and not to dissolve. And you can still take a small bag. In General, the rest of it myself, or read relevant journals, we just wanted to make life easier and get rid of regular tantrums: «I have nothing to wear, I’m not going anywhere!».

So, put on your shirt and pants, polished shoes. Don’t forget to shave and put on clean socks. Take your elegant companion by the arm, and go with her into the mysterious and theatrical world. Do not overdo it with perfume: it should not be Intrusive, and you don’t have to stink. Quietly going to the theatre and admire his girlfriend. Have a good trip!

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