Google will be responsible for incorrectly autocomplete


Probably, man, you crazy got autocomplete on smartphones or Google, who write some strange things you didn’t want. One Japanese man said, «enough is Enough!», and sued Google to court. But it was a bit different.

One Japanese guy was very difficult to find a job: when someone has scored his name in the search, autocomplete was added the names of the crimes committed by his namesake. It is very frustrating when your namesake is a maniac. Man sued Google to court… «libel». It happened a year ago, but Google as a real evil Corporation refused to comply with a court order and remove the autocomplete from the dude’s name. The situation is explained very simply: search subject to us law, not Japanese. What the lawyer of the guy (that’s how it moved) said they would require compensation.

No matter what, our sympathy on the side of Google: do they know that the boy called, as the Japanese maniac? It would be better for their parents sued.

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