Google will allow you to hide personal data from search engines

manygoodtips.com_30.05.2014_WV2PeZR18nApUFor residents of European countries Google plans to launch a new service that will allow you to delete from the search results page that contains information about the personal life of the users. Innovation due to the decision of the European court according to which network users should have the right to be forgotten». The court ruled that people should have the right to remove from the search Internet pages with outdated and irrelevant information about them.

First, Google went ahead and called these demands censorship, however, was forced to make concessions. CEO Larry page said the court’s decision will be made, while cautioning that the requirement is not without pitfalls. According to him, it can go at the expense of innovation, but to be useful for regimes that suppress freedom of speech. Lawyers clarify that, under European law, the decision applies only to false or incomplete information.

What happens, time will tell.

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