Google Play has blocked a program for tracking guys

woman spyGoogle Play has blocked the Brazilian app that helps friends keep track of SMS, and the movement of their dudes. Dudes were stunned by such impudence and complained that it, for a moment, intrudes in their personal lives and in the future may be used for different kinds of persecution.

This app called «Boyfriend Tracker» in the announcement is called a «private detective in your partner’s pocket». To use it, you need to do some spying: while you’re in the shower or just hanging around the apartment without the phone, secret she sets it on the app. Now she gets to see your text messages and using GPS can track all your movements. It can even make your phone a secret from you independently dial her number to hear what you’re saying. Just imagine! If Big Brother came back from the dead.

The Brazilians are jealous people, what can I say. The app has been very popular. Local ladies justify themselves by saying that, well, you do not follow a stranger, but with someone you love, and this is a form of caring.

Can’t listen to it, I’m starting an awful headache.

In General, the app was banned, but this may be just the tip of the iceberg. There is a similar program for parents to supervise children. Also a bad thing that your girlfriend can use in order to always be updated. But what you’re not a child?

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