Google Glass returns to enslave our eyes forever

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_S5WR0w4qxxWZGRemember Google Glass? The headset, which allowed especially the youth to take photos of just blinking his eyes. It was one of the many failures of the megatitan on Google’s behalf, and not only because everyone who wore them in public, immediately became the object of everyone’s curiosity. Was wondering who you are: Cyclops from «X-Men» or just a guy who wears fancy sports glasses. These glasses allow everyone to shoot video, while others did not know about it. Of course, the public unleashed an avalanche of criticism about Google’s privacy were forced to stop production.

Recently, from the dungeons of Google and I heard a terrible scream. This cry alerted all the honest gentlemen that points will not be a total redesign, will lenses. Clearly, the small circles for the eyes are able to restore stained glasses bad name optics surprise, but there is something to ponder.

The study began innocently enough…

The first patent application for the Google contact lens was approved in 2014, when with the glasses was in order. The world has not yet realized what they all need.


In his blog, Google excitedly explained that a mysterious contact lenses – not a spy device, but rather a device aimed at helping people with diabetes. Like, lenses could supply glucose via the lacrimal lake, constantly monitoring blood sugar levels. A good option for people who are forced every day for this purpose to stick yourself with a needle.

Since then, Google in partnership with pharmaceutical giant Novartis has begun work on auto focus lenses, so people with age-related farsightedness saw everything. Rumor has it that test kulistikova sense have already been held, and everything sort of worked out and calibrated…

… But, of course, that’s no reason to stop there

It would be foolish to suggest that Google may lose the opportunity to turn our eyes into cameras. The company took the patent office an application for «intraocular device» – a small contraption that could be surgically implanted in the eye. According to the document, it will be able not only to correct poor vision, adapting to its constant deterioration, but also some other special functions, such as the ability to connect to other wireless devices, recharge via transmitted radio energy and the ability to store photos. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Do compression points to the size of the lens will solve all the problems Google and specifically this thread? Aesthetically, of course, the lens is not immediately noticeable, and therefore it is not an annoying companion. But at the idea of watching you guy records your every move just because he Apple have built lens, very nervous.

Google chasing from competitors

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_L4tlk5e7tRW2xEven worse, Google is not alone in its desire to promote optical technologies. Samsung and Sony also developing their contact lenses. Recently revealed that Samsung in 2014, sent a patent for his lens. But they focus exclusively on photography. Glared – made frame. A nervous TIC made the collage. They will connect to a smartphone and, most surprisingly, to broadcast text directly to eyeballs, and immediately to pupils. Here it is, the future – text from collectors is in the eye until you have sex.

Plans Sony have become known only recently. The device allows you to view images and videos with one twink and record on video everything that you see. Moreover, the blinking can be switched on and adjust the iris, zoom, and stabilization and focus. Compared to this your Iphone seems minerals.

Off technology great

Despite the consequences for his personal life, all this is incredibly cool! Everything you see is fixed in the blink of an eye… In all senses of the phrase. This kind of direct bridge from virtual reality to the boring life. Now more pointless YouTube videos directly from real life.

It is unknown what the company will actually first. And more important question: who from them will manage to convince us that they’re going to turn us into a civilization of super-creep?

Importantly, they did not disappoint from a technical point of view, and in line with expectations. Just exit points resembled a plane flight and a further landing in Minsk.


During the flight, surrounded by beautiful flight attendants and tidy passenger compartment, flipping through a magazine you look forward to a luxurious vacation and meeting new. But in fact, as soon as you go down the ladder and see the world up close, you realize that expected more. And with the glasses.

Most importantly, after the lens is to withstand the onslaught of a population of videobloggers and prankery. The latter is especially Jaro will use ultra-compact device. Well, hope that the eyesight will not suffer much from such a doubtful neighbourhood of the eye and technology. I do not want to become Vanga or ray Charles. And suddenly after long-term wear will dream dreams, and haunt stuff, crazy how clips of Kate Bush and Chad Vangaalen? Okay then.

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