Google announced the cheapest laptop on the Chrome os

Google knows how to make money and to do something new and enjoyable for its many fans. Released a Samsung device.

The model is pleasing and the price: a device with Wi-Fi will cost $ 250, and with Wi-Fi and 3G — $ 330. Google hopes that the model will beat the popularity of even the Acer AC700, which was the cheapest laptop with OS Chrome OS.

Also the laptop will be first laptop with a processor on the ARM architecture is a 1.7-Hz. Exynos 5 Dual with two cores, without cooling fans.

From other technical characteristics of notbe from Google, it should be noted that the novelty will wear 11.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. On Board of the laptop is 2 gig of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. Little, say you, friend? Google will provide so greedy comrades as you’re still 100 gigabytes in its virtual storage on Google Drive for two years. But I personally was not very impressed.

Also new is the record for thickness and weight. Weight only 1.1 kg. It’s cool, man! And it is well optimized and holds a charge for 6 hours.

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