Google and Apple will soon release a 3D-printers

manygoodtips.com_20.05.2014_t3mPPw39ljqogOf course, it is only the forecasts made by the Director of one of the analyst firms, but the position requires him to take seriously his words. According to knowledgeable people worth listening to!

What made him think that? First, Apple have not released new products, and all wait from them for something extraordinary. Second, in November last year, the American company acquired PrimeSense, an Israeli involved in the production of sensors for the Kinect, thus building a base in the field of three-dimensional modeling.

Google, as always, trying to keep up with Apple. According to experts, about their plans to release a 3D printer parents of Android will be announced in June-October, and their version of a 3D printer goes on sale a year and a half. Such plans can carry and Microsoft, but now they are puzzled with other important problems.

I hope Apple develops is still a 3D printer, not a smart watch iWatch or iTV — the other expected products. To print things much more interesting than to know the time — even with the smart watch.

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