Good souls and hypocrites: is there a difference?

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2014_9B8Wos0Jvj9lFSometimes we think that all people are a priori bastards. Sometimes, of course, we become more objective and say that some people are bastards, than others, but the latter sometimes do good deeds, in order to maintain the balance of kindness in this crazy world. But the most objective assessment of reality is this: there are faggots, there are normal guys, there are good souls there are nasecki, there is a complex personality, there are quite simple. In short, a complete variety, which does not spit. But today we want to talk about the real masters of good deeds and those who diligently mows under them.

The brother of my good friend seemed to me to be first righteous, without which the village is not worth it, he did good deeds selflessly helped and was always ready to listen to you in difficult times. But very quickly I realized that things are not as rosy as it seems at first glance. See, this guy was a typical Amateur to drive a man into a moral duty and the usual hypocrite who believed that was an exceptionally kind man, who was unlucky enough to be born «in this cruel cynical age.» He strongly encouraged people to be open and accepting help, which, frankly, was absolutely not necessary. Then he just manipulated you and asked all kinds of services because «the brother you once helped.» Hypocritical good — natured-unnecessary typical in your society, which is very easily confused with the good people. We used to think that the world is a grey place where occasionally there is a ray of light that illuminates the catacombs and disappear without a trace. So any good deed in his address, we meet with great enthusiasm, not knowing that we banal way use. We raised on good fairytales, believe that a good deed is always a good thing, a double bottom in it, but this is a huge mistake.

These people were just so damn good, you’d think they’re your friends. But they weren’t. They just took advantage of you, tease you, and not even built to your account any plans.

You have to be careful with fake people. They have their own hidden reasons to be. Perhaps to them, you’re just a pawn, but perhaps they don’t even know what m*a duck is.

At first they will seem strange people. It may be a week, a month, (hopefully, you won’t last them more than a year, but it also happens), and then they show their true ugly face.

Today we will teach you to Ocicat real good man from the good-natured fake. It is relatively easy, but you’ll learn quickly. Under a good man we understand the true sincere guy. Although everything is relative.

1. A good dude doing good work does a hypocrite and everyone’s spreading it

He is twenty again I will remind that helped you move things when moving and even stained the back of the car, because you didn’t wipe the dust off of their belongings. You’ll hear about his good deeds time and time again, get ready. Many believe that to recall his actions — a normal thing, actually there, and we believe that just because the hypocrites have inspired us with this idea.

2. Hypocrite insincere

If he ever lied and embarrassing, and from him and carries hypocrisy, most likely (spoiler-spoiler!), our hero is a hypocrite! Usually good guys don’t allow themselves such behavior.

3. A good dude will help when you really need

In most situations (don’t argue!) we can manage on our own. But the hypocrite will go to to help you when you do not particularly need. A good man will come when you will understand that you can not handle. And all because normally to help your close or just a man when he can’t overcome on their own.

We used to think that the world is a grey place where occasionally there is a ray of light that illuminates the catacombs and disappear without a trace. So any good deed in his address, we meet with great enthusiasm, not knowing that we banal way use.

4. Good guy you can ask for help

A hypocrite will help when it is beneficial and not expensive. If you call hypocrite to help you in any given situation, he may suddenly reject you in the most trifling request, long razmusolivat in your ear why is he now not can help you. Sometimes the hypocrite still helps you when it has no benefit. But he is sure it will stop in the future.

5. A good man will listen to your stories and stories

But don’t think he will be very involved in this: we all have our own life that still need to live. Important difference between good-natured sincere from the hypocrite who’s trying to look good man: he is ready to listen to you because she thinks you have a right to an opinion and there is nothing wrong to listen to a respected person.

The hypocrite loves to hear your own voice. He will pretend to hear you, and then will say what he personally thinks about it. He is not interested in your opinion, he’s more interested in his opinion on your situation and your stories. If you just tell a story from your life, suddenly you realize it turned into a story.

6. A good husband does not award you with gifts, it is enough to give you a hand

The hypocrites do not know other ways to win the person, other than as a material. Gifts, of course, will be expensive (if one is not provided), no hope. You don’t immediately understand what you and your location want banal way to buy. Everyone likes to receive gifts, but no one ever thinks that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap. Give gifts, in fact, the most vulgar and cheap way to earn the trust and affection of another person. Behave and be really pleasant, so that you’ll remember about a particular person only with warmth, honestly, more difficult.

A good person is enough to listen to a joke or just to talk to you to get your location.

7. Good and kind person, always

Not necessarily with everyone, but with you it’s just good. Usually those who are trying to «keep face» understand that it is not so easy to do it all day, so sometimes they dirty the entity crawls out.

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