Good old Billiards

BilliardsLove to bowl? Hey, man, relax, today we talk about the noble and courageous Billiards. I agree, tired of parties, clubs, restaurants or, conversely, from evenings in the company of couch and TV, there is nothing more suitable than to roll the balls in spiritual company. Because the gameplay and atmosphere of the pool with dim lights, authentic interior and a great bar often will help you to relax and forget about Affairs and problems, which is filled with your gray days.

The history of Billiards goes back centuries and shrouded in mystery. The birthplace of this game is Indochina, where the Genoese merchants brought it to Europe around the XV century, but then the Billiards was a simple child’s toy. While in the Old world already existed games-prototypes of modern Billiards. In Germany it was a game «Balkespiel» in which players using special sticks driven round stones into the recesses of the table; in England, Pall-Mail, there was a need to bring the balls into a small Hoop on the ground, although the second option is likely the prototype of croquet. In the mid-fifteenth century many of these outdoor games has turned into a fun «home».

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_Wbz4fPfgEmbofThere are two versions of the origin of modern Billiards in Europe. On the one hand the invention arrogate to themselves the British, referring to the letter from Mary Stuart to the Archbishop of Glasgow, written on the day of her execution on 17 February 1587, where deprived of the throne of the Scottish Queen, and pretender to the English throne asks to prepare a place for Billiards. The French with this version does not agree, citing the argument that Louis XI ruled from 1461 to 1483, ordered the installation of a billiard table before Mary Stuart. French historians believe an ardent fan of this game king Karl XI, who in the massacre of St. Bartholomew, playing Billiards, was forced to drop the cue to grab the gun and fire from the Windows of the Palace of the Huguenots. History the origin of the name is also not fully known. According to the British researcher John Vilk, the original name of the game was «ball-yerds», with the Anglo-Saxon word for «ball-stick». On the other hand the French, who believe that the roots of the word «Billiards» is «billie» (Orb) or «billart» ( a wooden stick).

The first pool tables was rude and primitive: the bullets did not stray from the hard sides of the cues was more like batons, causing bullets not to impart lateral rotation, and the surface of the table was uneven. From the XVII century, the table began to change: it was decided to reduce the number of Luz to six, to equip them with the grid Board to turn over rubber and covered with a table cloth. Then a long and accurate cue ousted his predecessor rough bludgeon. In the XII century Billiards is catching on in Germany and other countries: making the beautiful game, you could even become a confidant of the Royal court.

The emergence of Billiards in Russia, we are obliged to Peter the great who cut through a window to Europe brought him from Holland. However, as often happens in Russia, Billiards changed course and with the Royal game became a tavern. Billiard tables decorated halls of most restaurants, taverns and rumochnaia, where the game became a symbol of greed and passion, losing interest in sports, which later regained. there are about 30 varieties of billiard games and four types of tables: a table for Russian Billiards, pool, snooker and carom. Let us look at their differences.

1. A table for Russian Billiards – «simply table» with narrow pockets, the sides of medium hardness, with 15 numbered white balls and one colored jam. It should be noted that the size of Luz only a couple of millimeters larger than the diameter of the balls, making Russian Billiards one of the most technical and complex types of games. The sizes of the tables range from 6 to 12 feet, but most often in modern billiard can meet sports 12-tiftonia tables.

2. Pool, also known as the «American Billiards», is 8-9-tiputini tables with wide pockets and small numbered colored balls (solid and stripes). Don’t underestimate the game on this table, as it is no less technical and more difficult than Russian Billiards.

3. Table for snooker is similar to pool billiard pockets, but with rounded «lips», but the size of the tables vary dramatically. Standard snooker table is 12 feet 8 inches. In snooker uses 15 red balls, 6 colored and the cue ball, and the size is little less than «floaters».

4. Carom – a kind beslatnoe of Billiards where to replace the clutch balls into the pockets come in bright-eyed screws and wagering. In some types of games such table chips are used.

Let’s talk about the balls themselves. At first they were made of ivory, or rather of ivory. Moreover, it was considered that the best qualities have the tusks of female elephants. However, due to the high cost of production and decreasing population of elephants (for one set of balls needed 4 bone, and that means two elephant) in 1863, the American firm manufacturing billiard equipment was offered a reward of$ 1,000 to the inventor of a new material for the balls. Then created a synthetic composition with Kolodiy-of cellulose nitrate and camphor. Balls from this material are strong enough and balanced, but when strong shock is still often split. But a step towards the use of synthetic materials was made. Manufacturers began to experiment with different types of plastic. Now for the production of balls used phenol-formaldehyde resin, pour into a special glass mold at a certain temperature.

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_EVBzBgxHQuzyTNow some numbers:

  • when you strike the cue balls their speed reaches 30 km/h;
  • high-quality billiard ball load capacity up to 5 tons and up to 400,000 collisions, and is about 3 months of continuous play;
  • a billiard ball can withstand a fall from a height of 35 meters on a flat and solid surface. Dude, if you decided to check this fact, consider that asphalt is not the right surface for your experiment, and advises not to throw pool balls from the Windows of the skyscrapers;
  • the temperature at the point of contact of the ball with the cloth can reach 250 degree.


Billiards is not just a game, it’s a whole culture with its own customs and traditions. The player trains not only the body, but strength of spirit, strength of character, composure and discretion. If you decided to learn the culture of Billiards, remember, man, practice!

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