Good advice vs bad habits

All that prevents you from moving forward is the inability to properly dispose of this for you your favorite God of life. You make a lot of mistakes, incorrectly introducing into the life technologies, awkwardly talking to people incorrectly perceiving criticism and bad acting. So listen to the stuff, not man. But we will help you, but for God’s sake, get rid of these habits is in your best interest.

Use the phone or computer around the clock

manygoodtips.com_3.11.2016_6WCoSjjLJPauCMany do not realize what damage is caused by short waves in sleep quality, energy level and mood. A large enough dose of blue light contains a solar light. Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin and makes you feel more alert. At noon the sun’s rays lose their blue light, and then the body begins to produce melatonin and accumulating drowsiness. By the evening your brain, which will never be able to get used to your daily sticking in the tablet is very sensitive to this substance. It’s like that to make you run the hundred meters in his sleep.

Most of our favorite evening devices — laptops, tablets, and mobile phones emit short-wave blue light and prevent the usual nightly processes to proceed normally. And as you know, a bad night’s sleep leads to disastrous consequences. The best thing you can do is avoid these devices at least for a couple of hours before bedtime. Very difficult, but possible. By the way, this TV is not harmful to health, because it is far enough away from the viewer, and hits right in the eyes, like a smartphone or tablet.

Gusty surfing the Internet

It will take you at least 15 minutes and totally beat out from a working rhythm. Now how the hell you got to check out the news in social networks, because every time we go there for a minute, you stay for a long time?

First one is an interesting picture, then the news, then you surf groups and communities, trying to find something interesting, and I don’t know what exactly.

Then you need another 15 minutes to fully get involved in the work process. So, try to restrain yourself and surf before or after work process, not during.

Checking your phone during a call

Know why you’re so unfocused and forget everything? This is because you pig, look at the phone every 2 seconds. Are you constantly distracted in the middle of a conversation to a text message and then throw a quick glance at your phone.

If you’re in the mood for a conversation, then kindly focus your energy on it. You’ll see that the conversation will be much nicer and more effective if you’re completely immersed.

Distracted by messages

It would seem, what’s wrong with the normal message alert tone on your phone? But researchers don’t be fooled: the performance ruthlessly spoiled when instead of working, you’re living at the whim of the phone and check my messages. So you only hinder your work, dramatically reducing their productivity. Just check them after.

Say Yes, when to say no

A study conducted at the University of California in San Francisco shows that the harder you say no, the more likely you are to experience stress, fatigue and even depression that completely destroy his composure.

For many to say the word «no» — quite a feat, and it’s easier to confess to a murder he didn’t commit than to refuse. Upbringing and modesty is all well and good, but not in such manifestations.

Saying «no», you will first of all remain true to their current business, instead focus on several tasks. Objections — kind of act of self-control and the manifestation of Titan strength of character. It’s like you say, who’s cool, who’s in charge here, who is the person. But at the same time automatically fill to itself the price.

Thoughts about bad people

In your life there are probably quite a few people, worthy of your attention, but you’re something concentrated on those bastards, which in English slang is called «toxic people». Call them so only because they poison your life, climb into it and make the blood boil, which is not very good (if you saw the movie «Something», then you know what I mean). This can be bosses, sworn enemies and even unpleasant media persons who embraced his eyes with all the screens and billboards. So don’t «bomb» once again and for no reason — kill the entire nervous system to hell.

Multitasking is not for the benefit of is impossible to carry anything in polruki — each task requires an approach and responsibility. If at you suddenly like dishwater from a bucket spilled out a few tasks, then do not try to execute them simultaneously. There will always be something that needs to be done in the first place. On this and focus, and the rest we can score. And don’t think multitasking makes you better — it just spices up your life a pungent condiment called confusion.

Gossip and more gossip

The pleasure of gossip get is that flawed people are unhappy, who do nothing else. First discuss the human faux pas, and someone’s personal life incredibly interesting. But over time, it becomes tedious, and my heart there is a feeling of something dirty. If this sensation does not appear, then congratulations: this taskbar.

Better learn from the people something good, than to discuss who’s sleeping with whom, in a vain attempt to find a bigger asshole than you do.

Inaction due to doubt in success

The majority of authors spend countless hours for brainstorming over their characters and plots, and eventually «gives birth» only one unfortunate page of complex text that has a chance to be in the textbooks (but here as lucky).

This is a very slow, laborious process, but it takes time — no matter what you develop: hands, mouth or anything else.

The fact that any idea in the beginning has nothing but prospects. And only time, coupled with the efforts made, makes it brilliant. However, if the person hood of intelligence and crooked hands, possible the opposite process. As said geordi Pico: «You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page».

Comparing yourself to other people

When your sense of satisfaction is derived from comparison with other people, we can safely say that you’re no longer the master of his own happiness. To stop this arises a sense of inferiority in the Bud, starting with what don’t let anyone ever criticize your good work. Bad — for God’s sake, then, maybe, you will start to work better. How to understand which job is good? The one that you like.

No matter what you do and what you do. Self-esteem comes from within. Regardless of what people think of you at this moment, one thing is certain: your work will never be good or as bad as they are identified. Alien thought does not fit into the category of perfection or absolute shit.

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