Golden words of Matthew McConaughey

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2015_Xb37D4N3CUgrGMatthew McConaughey is not just the actor. This office, this stamp is a guarantee that the film will be successful. After «Dallas buyers club» and «true detective» with Matthew McConaughey was not that of a divine figure, but finally got cult status. And the religious people we love. They are considered smart, brilliant, and to listen to them very, very important. So specially for you – a selection of the most wise and sometimes funny sayings Matthew McConaughey!

1. On self-determination

«You can think that you are a champion, and it is possible to be. Big difference.»

2. About food

«The man who invented the hamburger was smart. The man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.»

3. Fashion advice from Oscar

«If you want your hair is thick, cut them in the full moon».

4. About wild animals and identity

«I want to be reincarnated as a Jaguar. They are strong, and they have a sense of self-worth. I’m sure they like that made them such wonderful».

5. On purpose

«I don’t want to turn back. I want to develop: man as man, as father, as lover.»

6. About titles

«When you awarded, regardless of whether deserved or not, being called «the sexiest man on the planet», I honestly replied: «Thank you, it is.» For me, this title does not negate anything. I didn’t get then less talented actor.»

7. Fact of life No. 1

«The best advice you get from people who are not trying to counsel».

8. About achieving justice

«Vanity is great motivation in order to be fair.»

9. About the high the cooking

«You have not lived if you haven’t tried my damn chicken. Take a can of beer, drink half, throw in a jar of spices, and then throw the chicken. Beer begins to boil, and spices will lubricate the chicken. Do it exactly as I said. On this earth there is nothing better. No barbecue is complete without it. I made it for al Pacino while we were doing «two for the Money». Do you still need any proof? He lost the gift of speech, man. For me this is the best compliment».

10. About fear

«It’s amazing how quickly you start to take a shower, if you imagine that the room is waiting for you Python. Every time I take a bath, I’m nervous. I lather your hair with shampoo, close my eyes and think, «I don’t see right now.» When you think of a Python, quickly learn to sleep with one eye open».

11. The truth of life No. 2

«Life should be lived simply. No adjectives and adverbs. Only nouns and verbs».

12. About the film

«The camera is not guns. They can’t hurt.»

13. About the property

«Who needs a house when you can live in a trailer!?»

14. About honest work

«It is necessary at least once a day to sweat really- so it seems to me».

15. About the relationship with your best friend

«There was one night on the set of «true detective» when we all got drunk and began to vomit on each other the truth. Woody told each other a bunch of things, after which most people Wake up in the morning and say to myself, «I Think I pissed away a friendship.» But in the morning we met, shook hands and told each other: «But yesterday was a great evening. You steam released? I — so»».

16. About acting

«But generally the top is when in the same scene and steal from the partner, and to give back. When we first met Leo, he was joking, and I stole these jokes for «the wolf of wall Street.»


17. About the joy of fatherhood

«I like to be a father. My life suddenly became more interesting.»

18. On achieving success

«I want to be a writer? Sit down and write. Want to be a Director? Take off anything on your fucking phone right now».

19. Love to travel

«I like the city. I like big business. I like to run my own company and to take responsibility. On the other hand, when I go camping with a backpack, getting in the surf or running through the woods — then I’m happy.»

20. Well, finally the legendary…

«All right, all right, all right.»

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