Golden boy Michael Schumacher

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_PGAl4ToHN5cs5What can you say about Schumacher? In childhood we appreciated it on a par with Mike Tyson, he was so memetichnaya. As Tyson until the time was undefeated, and Schumacher was awesome. Hell, who would not want a child to wander on the coolest cars at supersonic speed, he didn’t grow a set of balls, I tell you! It is for such ideals should lead a boy in his childhood to grow into a man.

How are these unusual people? First, probably because they want to. Exceptional people and exceptional that know exactly what they like in life and that they can do it well. And someone has to sort through paper on the hated work.

Schumacher’s terrible individualist and a great opposers to play in the team. For it was in some way a personal affront that the second pilot in his personal command, could break out at the above location. The winner must be only one, and his name will be Michael. At least it was at the beginning of his career. People who are more familiar with his colorful biography, can go to the comments to Express their opinion on this matter.

Schumacher always went aggressive, once even knocked the guy at the pit stop, because nefig roam on the road when the Red Baron rides. Angry aggressive German, which a lot of riders. How did he become this guy? As he made himself the guy who became seven-time world champion, twice Vice-champion and three — bronze medalist?


In childhood Schumacher was riding on the map, built by his father mower. The father himself owned the Playground for a ride on kart, despite the fact that he was not rich. Obviously, the guy who sat behind the wheel of the car in three years, could not be passed on true love for high velocities. Ended the first trip three-year old boy is not very good: he just arrived in the post. In five years, Michael has already performed at the races with the other children and even managed to win their first trophy. Of course, daddy has to give a separate medal for the quality of the upbringing of the boy. The guy immediately gave in the harsh world of sports, instead of sitting above it with the words: «And suddenly it will damage something? Have a Boo-Boo to smear zelenkoj, that hurt!» So boys grow balls and not winning? By the way, Schumacher did not hesitate to do other sports like judo. The Schumacher family was poor, his father worked as a bricklayer. When I had to choose, what are you doing Mechs in the future, judo or maps, Schumacher chose judo, because in the mind of any boy fights are always higher than new cars. In his first wrestling tournament Schumacher was only the third, which, of course, did not like this man. But when he chose the race, everything fell into place. The guy is not exactly lost.

Money father and mother, who worked in the diner were not enough to pay hobby of our hero, but the young talent was helping a family friend jürgen Dilk, who bought the guy a new card. Businessman will continue to help the Mechs, asking in return only trophies that will win a noble man. Despite the fact that from 15 to 17 years, Schumacher won many German and European competition, it is up to 20 years believed that this is just a hobby that leads to nowhere. Seriously he is to his victories is not true, just saw them the opportunity to show the world that he is a king. He after school I wanted to become a mechanic and didn’t think machines will affect his life. In the early nineties, Schumacher became champion of Formula-3 and even managed to ride in Japan.

Our hero finds himself in Formula 1 by chance. One pilot went to prison for fighting, and got a place for the young Mechs. It was a real event, of course! August 25, 1991 at the Belgian Grand Prix, Schumacher was seventh and managed to beat even the first pilot its a pretty good skill level. Could go even higher, but the car Michael could not resist and had to pull off the road.

Career of a young pilot went up the hill, and placed a second pilot with the legendary triple world champion Nelson Piquet. Bosses our hero is never recognized, and corny wanted to be the best, no matter what. Self — confidence is a great thing. But if you add to that some high-skill work much better — Schumacher finished fifth, beating the Peak. For a debutant it was very good. All were convinced that the young German will burn out, but in the following year he won his first gold, despite the superior experience of the opponents and very bad weather: it rained hard.

Some time Schumacher had bad luck, he swore terribly with Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna. The new car, which Schumacher felt that it was quite strange to manage and frankly underdeveloped, that constantly resulted in a crash outside the track. However, the death of Ayrton Senna, who crashed to death during race, helped Schumacher to be champion. Maybe it’s good? For Schumacher.

In 1996, Schumacher signed with Ferrari, which makes him the leading pilot. On his team’s meticulous and aggressive Mechs affected best way to make it more careful and attentive to detail. In 1999, due to problems with the brakes Michael was in a terrible accident. Michael flew into a wall of tires, was completely smashed his car, he tried to get out on their own beset by hatred, but could not. Apparently, it was something serious! Michael waved to the fans, was carrying the doctors. He revealed a double fracture of the leg that questioned his future career. Moving two operations, Michael decided to return to the sport and continued training.

He has won many medals and titles, seven times became the champion of the world and the dream boys. From the sport, he left relatively recently, becoming a consultant and test pilot machines. A couple of months ago, our hero was in a terrible accident. 29 December last year he spent the holidays with son and his friends to ski resort of Meribel in the French Alps. Leaving outside the prepared tracks, Schumacher got on the unprepared slope, tripped on a rock under the snow and hit his head on a rock. At first it seemed that everything was fine, the legendary man was conscious, but when it was transported, there was a collapse, and Michael needed artificial ventilation. Two operations and introduced by Michael in an artificial coma from which he does not go. A few days ago he was also diagnosed pneumonia, which may well weaken the health of that person. Hang in there, man!

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