Going to move to another city? Pay attention to several factors

manygoodtips.com again drops in front of you nuggets of my infinite wisdom, man. When we finish College, or when we get tired of living in the same city, or we run from problems, we are going to move to another city to find my fortune there, the best conditions for life and just to see the world. And rightly so. We are young, the biological clock we’re not really torturing, acclimatization will be much easier, so why not try to move to another city? At the same time you become COMPLETELY independent. Today we will tell you about how to choose the right city to move to permanent (or semi-permanent) residence.

1. Weather


Many of my friends longed to live in St. Petersburg. But many come back because the primary complaint of all people is the weather. The condition «the mud was frozen and the mud has dried up» — it’s not the most pleasant. The attempt to shift to the South may also fail due to unpredictable climate, VERY hot summer, which does not help no air conditioning, and a rather unpleasant wet winters with permanent ice. Choose a city with unpredictable weather fun and the same what to buy a pig in a poke: don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes, as the people of these cities.

If you have problems with the weather or you can not tolerate extreme cold or heat, it is worthwhile to think about the choice of place of residence. If you like the snow and New year without snow is not for you in the New year, think carefully about the Central part of Russia. Well, about Canada.

2. Cultural life


If you do not care deeply what cultural centers are there in the city of your future residence, you will be much easier. Lovers of theatres, beautiful historical places and art centres suggest the Central European part of Russia: there is just the culture up the wazoo. First decide what you like (theatre, Opera, ballet, rock festivals), and then choose the city that is famous for this good. If you choose the city only on the basis of great cultural value, it is worth noting that after several years of living in it you will be deeply spit on the presence or absence of museums and places where Pushkin was clamped Goncharova. Are you sure they will visit in the first year, and then will occasionally get out for a walk in the Park.

3. Time zone


To not go crazy from what your body is commanding you to sleep, and you still work, you need to choose more or less any usual time zone. To receive calls on Skype from his relatives will be much more pleasant: they over work you, why not talk?

4. Location


If the city one day in the train from your previous place of residence, everything is fine. But if you need to fly to the mother for nine hours with transfers on our aircraft, it is not the best option. Of course, if you want parents rarely come to you on the weekend, this is perfect.

When you find an apartment, see that she was in a decent area with a pretty simple and fast to travel by metro or public transport. See below the prices for public transport were not enormous. It’s demoralizing, especially when you don’t know on the first day, how to get to your destination with one change.

5. Purity


In some cities of Russia stunning exclusive dirt on the street. If this is not an absolute province, on the streets where you will find broken asphalt, dirt and piles of garbage, you can say lucky. The problem is the efficiency of snow removal and clogging of stormwater drainage on the main streets. In the cities of the southern Federal district, for example, with another sudden snow to get home can sometimes be very difficult. And when it rains, everything turns into a natural hell and need to equip a small boat to take me to the bus stop or car.

Let the clean seem insignificant factor, but walking on clean city at times nicer than dirty. Somehow it turns out nice.

6. Public transport


The most important public transport such as metro. Trams, trolley buses and taxis can get caught in traffic, but metro traffic can’t get. The city’s metro automatically puts him a couple of pros. Besides, personally I just love the subway: it can be read and a NAP. The only thing that is very tiring, it is a long way on the escalator to the surface, especially when running down stairs stretches for a couple kilometers. This is torture.

I also recommend you to look through the prices for taxi to explore some routes, a subway map and any public transport going to the famous attractions of the city centre. This is useful.

7. Provolochnoe


I don’t know how to describe this property. Simply put, this interest have a long and fruitful walk around the city. This is facilitated by the presence of beautiful places, parks, historical monuments and many beautiful parks with free access. Just imagine how you will walk in the streets of your new city with ice cream, for example. Provolochnoe is an important factor for securing long-term «relationship» with a new place of residence. If the city is fun to walk, breathing the fresh air, all year round, this city livable. Perhaps this will not spoil even the bad unpredictable weather. If you don’t like to walk, skip this item without reading.

8. Night life


You don’t like to walk? Maybe you like the night life of the city? Illuminations, festivals, parades, cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs — all this night life that should be saturated. Nightlife adds a nice town a couple of pluses. You have to go somewhere to meet new people. Oh yeah, subscribe to group informants Vkontakte.

9. Food


See below in the new town was familiar to you if nyamka. For example, the famous fast-food outlets. Of course, in big cities this won’t be a problem, but small — Yes. Some people after moving to another city terribly worried that I can’t find normal cake or beer.

Also find out the prices of the food. Sometimes they can surprise you in a pleasant sense, and sometimes Vice versa. This is an important argument in choosing the right city for permanent residence.

10. Sport


If you play sports or just love, this will be an important aspect of the choice of the city. First, find out if the city’s big stadiums. To clarify the ticket prices there. Most likely, they’ll disappoint you. Well, okay, but a great stadium. If the town is big enough sports bars and pubs showing the matches there will be enough.

If you love to play sports myself, scour the Internet in search of sections and rooms for sports. Usually this information is fairly easy to find in the network. Find out the price of subscription per month or per year.

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