Goats terrorized Brazil!


In fact, the goats are very cunning, smart, smelly and aggressive creatures. If you think otherwise, then you better rethink your attitude towards goats.

The Brazilian town of são Paulo in all seriousness terrorize the angry goat. The two of them, and they are frankly dangerous. However, they have become the heroes YouTube this is a video about extremely aggressive behavior has scored decent hits (and how not to gain?).


Two goats (one with a bell), unknown and came from nowhere are going to get attacked and run into all the people who meet them on the road. Now the Brazilians (no kidding!) fear of the approaching sound of a bell. Gopnicheskaya with the true manners of a goat climb to ordinary Brazilians. And, most important, people from them on. In short, we recommend you to see the video: you will understand that the intelligence of the goats is. But specific.

Let’s say that everything ended well.

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