Go to the toilet — fear the Fox!

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After this article, I assure you, dude, are you going to the restroom in search of the living representatives of living nature.

Anthony Schofield, a regular 49-year-old British carpenter, went to the toilet Saturday afternoon to do his business and read a newspaper in the process, but bad luck decided otherwise. At the crucial point in the toilet broke into a crazy Fox that attacked Anthony, and then on his cat. Anthony without pants, because the time to tie them was not trying to rip off mad Fox your pet. Fox clung to the face of the old cat, well it damaged her neck and disfigured poor. The cries ran girl Anthony, Tanya, who found BLOOD GUTS and tried to remove the Fox from the hand of his beloved, but the animal got a stranglehold, and later hung already on hand Taani. The girl did not panic and pulled the Fox into the street, where somehow pried the teeth of the animal and released it into the wild. The Fox ran into the woods.

How the hell the toilet was the representative of nature? The fact that in the areas with private houses near the small Leskov often inhabited by foxes, which like to rummage through the trash of citizens.

Anthony and Tanya stitches, saved the cat, but the old lady is now disfigured for life, and to go to the toilet afraid. I mean, in the room.

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