GMO: against chemical companies

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_YgDR52FwiCuSl«How do you know what they changed?!» tells me one my companion in a dispute about the dangers of GMOs. Yeah, I know. Or at least it really possible to know. But let’s order.

Harmful genetically modified organisms? We can tell you with certainty: of course, not harmful, dude. Stop listening to what you say questionable experts or crazy legislators who are progressing in his madness from law to law. There is a scientific community that much better in this case, there are real scientists, and not imaginary, which had long been placed all in places. And despite the fact that in defense of a particular point of view, the net is full of information, we encourage you to take seriously the opinion of the best industry professionals.

And it is, in General, is clear: all the fear of GMO is nothing more than an artificially maintained ignorance. Why is it necessary? Another question. Ratings, money, financial opportunities, support its manufacturer, the reluctance to educate people, corporations struggle… I Agree, an opinion on the GMO people have a certain: «Poison us Western corporations that want to destroy Russia-mother». But, hell, more than two centuries ago, the same reaction was on the most consumed vegetable in our country potatoes. Famous potato riots in the 19th century are evidence of the harmful actions of General ignorance. It’s surprising that most of the food consumed by people as food, have their counterparts in nature. And if you have, then imagine a pretty sad sight. Natural tastier? Nonsense! Let you tells your grandmother, but mankind for many centuries, worked on the artificial breeding new varieties, all your «natural» Apple, Mandarin, pineapple, etc. The result is obvious: people die much later, he is healthy, he lives longer, it is less prone to diseases. Yes, it’s breeding, but the benefits of GMOs on the selection obvious to many researchers.

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_OBfb6tMsEo5gCGMOs are the only option for humanity in the very near future. We don’t want to scare you terrible tales of all sorts of eco-activists, and other guys who like emotional attacks on the scientific community, but there is one objective truth: food is not enough. It’s not a familiar real hunger, but at the same time, hunger is a routine of many people, the encounter with him at a very early age and they die.

Okay, if we talk about practicality, common garden tomato is suffering from the destruction of the cell walls during transportation, therefore, was bred a variety with a smaller amount of pectin. This allowed to strengthen the walls of the tomato, and so to prove it to you to store in one piece. Apples in nature is extremely small and they can hardly be called tasty. Everything you see in supermarkets is not the product that was in the nature of a beginning. Durability, greater resistance, the ability to change the taste in favor of the consumer, size, protection from infections and the ability to do without pesticides – is it bad?

Often cited arguments in the form of research «scientists» that supposedly proved a long time ago the dangers of GMOs. But in the country, unfortunately, still there is an unhealthy characteristic: many of us think in images and headings. For some people enough of the phrase «Scientists have proven that GMO is poison» and a couple of photos of rats with tumors and all hell, now you can calm down and continue to root for «natural» food. But the reality is usually much more interesting. Suddenly scientists are not really scientists, and their research facility is a large debate in the scientific community, not because they have discovered something new for the world, and because the study was conducted with an invalid for a scientist to errors and inaccuracies. We are now talking about publishing a French researcher Seralini in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, which stated that GM corn causes cancer and increased mortality of rats. But the photos of rats with tumors has made people more of an impression than worthy of the research and opinions of experts in the field, some of whom have decided to call research Seralini part of the policy of the company (at the time France was preparing to publish the book of a candidate in the European Parliament Karina Lepage directed against GMOs).

I feel that populists still have such a great impact on the consciousness of the masses. Especially in the era of information technology and the availability of information, if only it was desire.

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_mDmqTaBDHUA91And now we learn the opinions of these experts that we are constantly talking, and quotes which we collected specially for you:

This is an opportunity to obtain products of the same quality for what it was, but much cheaper, without using chemicals and thereby improving the quality. Studies have shown that about 30% of our genes are similar to genes of insects, lettuce, beans, etc. God does not philosophize slyly: the building blocks that make up all of this diversity, it is the same. And we have many genes similar to genes of other organisms. And besides, when you eat meat, you do not become those from whom it is received. In my opinion, we are talking about the economic struggle between the chemical companies and producers of genetically modified food. And until they figure this out, the situation will not change.

Lyudmila Lugova, doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, head. laboratory of gene and cell engineering of plants, SPbSU

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_XUcjrPdUBBqU3According to opinion polls, three quarters of Russians are ready to pay more for products that do not contain GMOs. Opponent of GMOs, actively rock the boat, there is also a chemical industry producing pesticides. It is unprofitable GMOs resistant to pests. And there are still people who go to the markings, create black lists of foods that, in their opinion, contain GMOs, and so on.

Alexander Panin, senior researcher of the Institute of information transmission problems for them. A. A. Kharkevich, RAS

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_yvIlbGUmwgDWgOne of the dangers of the hysteria surrounding genetically modified foods, largely not conscious today, due to the fact that there is no need to shout: «Wolf!»» – when the wolf is not. I fear that if a loud alert «green» about the dangers of GMOs are unfounded, it may prevent people to listen to other, more serious warning. Evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria is a terrible wolf, the danger has been proven.

Richard Dawkins

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