Gluttony as a way of life

«Man’s got to eat. A lot. To make it visible from afar. A man without the extra 50 pounds of fat – not a man» – most likely, it is believed that the characters described in this article – people who do not know the measure in eating. Of course, there are many more, and in the comments you write the names of everyone, even that guy from advertising «the Fat man». But we tried to take the greatest eaters of food from different eras.

1. Elvis Presley


Of course, humanity will remember the King for his music to be recommended for the prevention of diseases lack of musical taste. Elvis, even in Africa Elvis.

However, you probably remember how in the animated series like «the Life of Louis» and the like appeared the image of Elvis a fat man with a huge belly and a white suit a La «3000 miles to Graceland». Although 42 years is hardly «old age», more correct to say at the end of life, but the fact remains that Elvis was well, very large. All this effect from the constant stress, unhealthy diet and pills, which the King accepted. Greasy food was his escape. In the morning he liked to screw a sandwich of peanut butter and roasted for more Goodies of bread and eat it all with a banana. Now this sandwich is none other than «Elvis».

By the way, about the food: a well-known one amusing incident. One restaurant in Denver made an interesting version of the sandwich with the speaker called «fool’s Gold», which contained, in addition to a whole loaf of Italian bread, jelly, peanut butter and a pound of fat. How was it possible to eat a high-calorie monster, is not clear. Yes, and it was worth the dubious pleasure of$ 50. However, Elvis is not stopped (with his money). So every time he sent his private plane for this culinary masterpiece. During his life he bought this gold at 16000$, if not more.

However, this did not affect his vocal cords. Listen to a performance of the legendary «Unchained Melody». It was sung shortly before his death. Elvis played it last in a two-hour concert, and this performance – the whole point of music. He sang it as well as he can sing only the King, despite the extra weight, unhealthy appearance and obvious problems. Even a blind man can see how he chokes and how hard it is, but Elvis is trying. It’s called forgotten now by the phrase «respect for the audience.» After this you realize why the Beatles and Led Zeppelin loved Presley, and in the third «Fallout» was a gang that dressed like a King. It’s just brilliant!

2. Henry VIII


There was a Henry the Fourth, he was a glorious king, and Henry the Eighth liked to get rid of annoying wives to argue with the Pope and do whatever he pleases. Indeed, the less attractive king had two fun : to sit at the dining table and during the break to marry a new lady. In General, the harsh lifestyle of the king is clear. He early youth I loved to eat. Only if eaten in his youth transformed into the irrepressible energy of the king, wasted hunting, dancing, jousting, wrestling, and then in old age, after a serious injury during a tournament, Henry was prescribed more relaxed lifestyle.

However, his appetite has decreased, and so the once mighty warrior turned into a huge whale. Rumor has it that the waist was a half-meter, which can not but rejoice. However, Henry was a generous man, and so everyone who was at the court, incredibly lucky. If Henry ate, then ate everything. And ate it very often. Well, the glory of his gastronomical addiction king often organized dinner parties for a large number of guests. The number of staff in his kitchen these days has reached 200 people. And they are all in sweat was trying to cook dinner of 14 dishes to please the anger of the king.

3. Marlon Brando


One of the most brilliant actors in the history of world cinema, if not lost, on the set, it started hard are. Buying several small Islands in Tahiti, it is with the same passion with which took on a new role, to satisfy their gastronomic and sexual needs. In other words, I ate all that chewed, fucking Fucks. And what else to do on Paradise Islands? Moreover, the serious roles he was offered, and he himself is not very much and wanted to do. Oh yeah, forgot to say: all this happened in his old age the great actor.

In the result, the former sex symbol of the youth of the 60’s sounded to such an extent that he began to avoid to appear in public. But a good life: eat, play with exotic beauties, in what does not deny, all the love you Rai. Although Marlon still broke his hedonistic marathon, starring in his most iconic films: «the Godfather,» «Last tango in Paris,» «Apocalypse now». He was a great man.

4. Ivan Krylov


It would seem that the fabulist, who denounced human vices, must be the Holy man. However, the main adaptator fables of La Fontaine and Aesop’s under his own name Ivan Krylov was incredibly far from the image of the pious elder. On the contrary, the various pleasures he is not deprived. And the more pleasures he loved to eat and nothing to do. Terrible was lazy. Say washed fabulist only on major religious holidays, from which stinks of it was such that within a radius of kilometers living creatures were immediately out, «Oh, Ivan Andreevich drove up!»

Affects the scale of this large-scale in terms of weight. For one lunch he had eaten 3 bowls of soup and 2 dishes of pies, at least 4 veal chops, half roasted Turkey, pickles, pickled cranberries, plums, Antonovka, Strasbourg pie and Guryev porridge.

The food and ruined it. He died the great fabulist of volvulus. According to another version, choked on a fish bone. However, it’s all the same not very nice, and even remotely reminiscent of the classic rock-n-roll death from zahlebyvayas own vomit.

5. Of heliogabal


Of heliogabal, he’s Marcus Aurelius, he’s just an idiot, was one of the worst rulers of Rome. It took him 4 years to annoy everyone: from the Senate to the people. As a result of his own Praetorian guard crooked, but fairly stabbed the young Emperor, who ruled from 14 to 18 years.

Actually, to say that the heliogabal was a Jolly guy, means to say nothing. He established the worship of the Syrian sun God, became its first priest, loved to dress in women’s clothes and for the glory of God mating with the vestal virgins, the Roman soldiers. By the way, the soldiers he loved more. He even appointed a special person who had to look at the public baths men with the greatest dignity. The greatest success they achieved some Zotique, for whom mark was married. Zotique not resist, and that: the money is there, plus the wife was awarded the post of Minister. However, then the heliogabal married (or got married for the second time in his stable boy. By the way, he loved when a «favorite» called him a «prostitute». Here are the customs.

However, it’s not about that. Like any Emperor, Heliogabalus was a big mutual love of food. His feasts were celebrated not only for perverted orgies, but also to those that came before them, namely food. He and his guests sat on silver beds and kinky boys fanned perfume in their direction. The menu includes: languages sows, peacocks, truffles, African snails, sea wolves and a pig stuffed with thrushes. But the special passion of heliogabal had to the brain. And sheep brains and human, but especially the bird: peacock, pheasant and even the brains of the unfortunate parrots. Now imagine that fat homosexual, actively copulating with the soldiers. Questions, why is it pushed, does not arise. There is only one: why so long endured?

6. Jim Morrison


Old Jim wasn’t always a plastic «King Lizards», meandering in a lysergic trance. It was the first 25 years of his complex life. And then started…

The fact that the whole way of life Jim had to gain weight and die early. A typical day Morrison: come to the bar and get drunk there drunk, to relieve themselves right next to the bar where his device smoothly occupied the mouth of another beauty, and then Jim could do anything, and safely sent home.

High-Calorie Alcohol. Calorie food that he started eating up to 25 years. Becoming a real glutton, having grown plush beard and belly fat, it so Jim went to Paris to make it certain destruction. So, a little beautiful was a huge, unconscious bearded Irish fat ass. And no matter where he died in the bathroom of the club, as it became possible to say the last 3 years, or beautifully in the bathroom.

From the shaman who tried to open the doors of perception» is little left. When journalists asked with surprise fat bearded man: «But Jim comes back?» – he replied that it was unlikely, as he is madly in love to be immense. «I feel comfortable. I like my weight. I sometimes think that I am so powerful that he can demolish anyone who gets in my way,» is what it said: «cursed poet».

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