Global warming will change the taste of beer…

Someone believes that global warming is complete bullshit and imagination of conspiracy theorists. Someone is sure that it is realistic, and gives the example of an unexpected temperature changes. With sea level rise in some countries the climate is changing and happen unpleasant events.

But Australian scientists are concerned about quite different: they warn that global warming may significantly increase the price of a liter of beer and even change its taste. Grains, which include barley, are highly dependent on drought, which can bring global warming. Because the society against drought-resistant GMO barley, this may indicate that in some regions of the world his harvest will be more than modest. The researchers determined that if a pint of beer costs and average of $5, its price may rise to $20.


Scientists and brewers have already found a replacement — sorghum grain. It is perennial, resistant to high temperatures and low humidity, grass. It also provides the necessary nutrients for colony. Scientists themselves get the data from history. Beer has been brewed for centuries, but when the earth’s climate has changed, the ancient brewers in tropical areas started to brew beer from the grain sorghum, which are quite suited for this. Since the yield of sorghum increases from year to year, especially in Australia, beer can be even cheaper. The only thing that confuses is the flavor: beer made from sorghum is sharply different from the usual.


Researchers in Australia to actively convince brewers use sorghum often, to accustom people to the new taste of beer. It is believed that barley as a crop in the same Australia save will not work.

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