Glasses for those who like to watch TV lying down


If Japan is not the most wonderful country, it just needs to enter the three countries, where they make the most useless invention.

Gorone de Megane , the guest of our today’s notes under «Inventory». This amazing sunglass for those who wants to lie in front of the TV and watch it. And that someone should be so lazy that he will be in the scrap to take a comfortable position in front of the TV, for example, lying to simultaneously watch TV and lie.

Eyeglasses work on the principle of the periscope, and the person who will be wearing them, you may entertain the thought that like is submarine. Of course, the creators of this wonderful device pushing the fact that he is wildly versatile: it can be used as a smartphone and a tablet, and not just with TV.


The price for these glasses makes us together to shout a dirty word 21 dollar for your laziness! Dude, what for so to live!

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