Glass, which will tell you how much to pour

abv glass0283560031

When you drink a delicious drink, at once come to the conclusion that you need to pour them correctly, given the displacement and traditions so delicious, and somehow more civilized, it turns out. But the trouble is, sometimes have no idea how much to pour (actually, you should be ashamed: to Sedin lived, and I don’t know! But sometimes the reason is more than a touchdown: you just don’t have the appropriate cookware. Because sometimes you can drink one of posudka, if it is… cool.

We present to your attention a very original glass, marking which will tell you how much to pour if you drink cocktails, beer or wine. Also on the Cup there is marking of the percentage of ethanol is also very important if you’re drinking race. Remember that you need to do with the degree!

As a measuring Cup — this Cup is just perfect. You can purchase it on the website at a price of $ 6.

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