Girls you don’t like it

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_3OrGqC97b714TThere are many reasons to hate you: a horrible manner of dress, lack of work, inferiority complex, bloated egos (choose any peccadillo). But some things to irritate you much more than others. And you don’t notice it, I think I’m doing everything right and as it should. But then some time passes, and suddenly you find yourself abandoned, miserable piece of shit. Sorry for you, of course. Not immediately clear what you have done, we have men’s brains, and it is very poorly equipped with the female. But don’t be discouraged! conducted research, interviewed friends and foes friends, and all women in the area of 10 kilometers from the editor. And we found the most popular things that repel friends from dudes.

1. The teacher’s tone in conversations

Many men behave like the wise men of Shaolin, when talking with representatives of the fair sex. It and is clear: to communicate in the company of men, watching to see that everything seems to be decided among men. And routine girlfriend does not watch, thinking that it doesn’t work at all, and doesn’t study, and only bakes pies. As a result, even at the same age, similar life experiences you allow yourself the wildest nonsense – talking from the position of teacher. Like you’re trying to put himself above the friend. If you really have a reason, the flag in his hands! But most often your only basis for a didactic tone is normal stupidity.

2. Shitty attitude to their health and appearance

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_txqsdcAiU6zyQGirl should be beautiful, got a great ass, healthy hair, and should smell nice. We do not deny, and who the hell thinks otherwise? But beauty, if you didn’t know that this is not a natural given – it’s a big work: hours in the gym, watching the diet and health, cosmetics. And when a friend who goes through all this just to see you rage and devour burgers, quietly sad and angry. No, a man shouldn’t wander the beauty, but he is obliged to care for their health is normal, logical and, most importantly, correctly. Unfortunately, most of the guys on this score, and then complain: «Why don’t I have girls, what am I doing wrong?!»

3. Redneck slang

You know what the first rule of the man club? Never speak at women of the word «skins»! There are plenty of other words that we use at my company, when to place, when in jest. Don’t be surprised if we have colorful nicknames. But when they say the word «skin» with a friend (even if not in her direction), you dehumanize the girl’s face. Actually, some guys go through life with this depersonalization of women. Psychologists explain this is very simple: children’s fears, based on the conflict with the mother and rejection of self. You can, of course, take all this nonsense, but when I had to deal with such men, I instantly became convinced that the head of a swarm of locusts and cockroaches.

4. Self-doubt

manygoodtips.com_3.03.2016_tnmxcNdCpmJBuEven worse, uncertainty. But it suffers from a lot of people. Now my friend thinks you’re full of himself is a man of action, and then begins to live with you and understands that confidence in you whatsoever. You constantly procrastinate, putting off important decisions, afraid to jump above the head. Girls do not need it. And let the feminists say that they are independent, and the men do not need them. We both know that friends can not do without us, especially when we are talking about real support. Friend must be insecure about you, I am 100% or even more. And as it happens if you are on your own can not answer? So more risk, more taste and less worry.

5. Infantilism

We all sometimes want to be kids. Play some games or to kill the entire evening for the collection of any designer. In fact, all it’s OK if doesn’t interfere with your work and life. But friends are not like your static position, even when you come tired from work. From the side we see their sincere wish to influence us and to influence in a positive manner. What is it they say? Behind every great man is a great woman? This is partially true, because that friend is pushing us to develop, overcome their weaknesses and resolve issues. Sometimes we do not even notice their influence. But all this does not work if you’re too childish. Then the mechanism stops working and relationships deteriorate. Simply put, infantile guys do not like, you know.

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