Girls with big eyes

Dude, for you selection of beautiful and sexy girls with big eyes. Of course, you’re a fool, and understand about what eyes we’re talking. They say that women with big eyes are the most attractive to men, and it is primarily at the level of instincts. Girls with big eyes for a long time was considered to be able to feed many children. So they had a better chance to find a husband, for the same reason men like girls with a thin waist, in prehistoric times, when man was still wild, this fact talked about the fact that the female is carrying the child, and therefore it is possible to have sex. Here are the pies, mate.

Of course from an aesthetic point of view, large eyes also have the advantage, although there is a matter of taste, they say that girls with big eyes are more sensitive. But in any case, the street we always pay more attention to girls with big eyes, because well, they just catch your eye, sorry for the tautology, dude, but it is.

In General, we can say that girls with big eyes are very attractive, and they certainly never left without male attention.

Enjoy the selection of photos, man!

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