Girls Topless pictures to Instagram in protest

Everyone knows that Instagram not post a photo of naked Breasts and genitals. The user of the social network motivates censorship policy that the service should be available for users of different ages, and they can understand.

However, you can understand and girls who want to show the world its charms, but do not have the opportunity due to censorship restrictions. Laudable desire to publish pictures of a naked breast on Instagram has inspired the students of the London Conservatory of music and dance at an interesting flash mob. Ingwell Olsen, Olivia Edginton and Lydia buckler opened a General account in the social network and began to place their pictures Topless. That they are not banned, girls are photographed… back to the camera!

The first picture was taken after swimming friends in the Norwegian lake after there were similar pictures from North America and Europe. Of course, soon they had several thousand subscribers, and clever girls asked everyone to send in their Topless photos to be published in the instagram blog charming rebels. Joined including men, but we will not show!









It was a bribe.field.ua_11.06.2014_D5JNIZ4bXudPU



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