Girls on the beach in the movies + pictures

If it so happens that you, my friend suddenly got bored of the rainy and gray in the fall, and you wanted to plunge into the bright summer atmosphere — sea, sun and, of course, beautiful girls on the beach, it’s time to watch any movies on this subject. And we will take it upon myself and advise you a few of these films, which, I hope you will enjoy your leisure time.

So, to start with good old film is still the Soviet era with math called «Three plus two». This film is not about mathematics, he talks about ditching the joint stay of two girls and three boys. Except that in this film are great actors, among them Andrei Mironov, he is full of humor, wit, interesting and funny dialogues of action heroes. And of course a nice feast for the eyes of two charming girls on the beach, and trying to meet guys. And although the characters pretend that they are indifferent to each other, and even tuned a bit hostile, and suit each other different minor mischief, as you probably guessed, the friend, ultimately someone someone falls in love, and in the ending all happy. Good old film is recommended for viewing.

The title of the movie «the Beach» imply that there must be girls on the beach, part of it is. However, this film is quite serious and complicated story. A young man named Richard, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, accidentally finds out about the island, where he lives some sort of commune, staging a kind of earthly Paradise. But it is actually not as cute and beautiful as it may seem at first. Freedom has its price. The film may seem strange, but nevertheless interesting.

I’ll move from the serious film to entertainment and even romantic, but because, ask to view his girlfriend, she is this film exactly like it. In the movie «Six days, seven nights» has everything — sexy girls on the beaches, and the magnificent beauty of nature, adventure, and humor, and love. The plot tells the story of how Robin Monroe with his betrothed goes on vacation to the island of Manila, where they met with a very strange couple — old pilot and his companion sexy beauty. It happens that Robin cause at work in Tahiti, she hires a recent acquaintance, a crazy old pilot. During the flight, their plane crashes and they find themselves on a small island, like the Castaways trying to survive. Gradually they get to know each other completely on the other side. And the groom of the main heroine this time finds solace with a friend of the pilot, they both think that their loved ones died, and therefore comfort each other in bed. As usual in such films, it ends with a kiss of love and passionate embraces.

Another film which must not be silent, it is certainly a film to «Piranha». Bro, to be honest, the film is not just weak, but very weak. The plot is trite and predictable that you can guess has one name. Voracious piranhas eat everything alive that comes their way. They emerged from the depths of the ocean and reached the shores, where the girls on the beach had fun and were unaware of the fact that it is their last days. The film will be of interest only to those who love to look at beautiful female bodies — where they in the film is not less than the piranhas. Also in the film, a lot of blood, death, screams, tantrums, and other garbage, which happens if the sea is home to piranhas.

Of course, this is not all movies, where there are girls on the beach, but about not all talk, and it’s not review, but hot photos of where the girls on the beach in all its glory, we’re prepared. Watch, enjoy and dream of Sunny summer.

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