Girls-military from Israel put pictures in Facebook

Israel facebook0624220215

As you probably know, in Israel, universal conscription, that is ladies fight there too. Of course, this is logical, given the political state of Israel, which he surrounded by countries and stuff. Ladies are still ladies, but still not clear why you need to be naked?

These female soldiers from the Israeli regular army and posted to Facebook their photos with the form (in part), in the barracks and weapons. And we already wrote about how we need to carefully watch what you write on social networks. It is clear, on the puncture of the ladies learned not only leadership, but also the whole world, including the English newspaper-tabloid the Sun, who called the news a good headline: «Gaza Strip» («Nude Strip», «Gaza Strip» and others). The ladies waiting for administrative punishment. And we would certainly want to look at it and imagine how these ladies scrubbing the barracks with a toothbrush like this.

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