Girls in your circle. How to look like the most annoying of them?

Every bro in life there is always some kind of girl friend that he has friends in social networks, which he never, ever fuck and with which he even chatted amicably. Is friends, friends, friends of friends, friends of the family, which is in each of us, and which we sometimes even communicate. Common. But some of them are insanely annoying. Most likely, you will find them in this list.

1. Married girlfriend

These girls has recently married. Well, what do you say? Many now marry. The problem is that these girls strongly wanted to get married as though it is the most important female purpose. Once they have lost all desire and the desire to do something in life except to lick the unfortunate husband and want to get pregnant soon. On their social media pages suddenly appear pictures of pretty children, whom you never meet in nature, because children — a snotty creatures who are constantly screaming and shitting. On the pages of these girls appears are also a huge number of recipes and tips like «How to remove spots of blood and vomit with woolen goods» or «How to calculate the best day to be born a boy». Quotes from poor books, in the spirit of «as we wait for our little Prince.» Stuff, in short. Women, why you after marriage become THIS?

2. Divorced girlfriend


That girl’s not 25 years, but I guess she is at the stage of active search of the second marriage. Or she got divorced for the second time and waiting for the third marriage. She got married while studying at the University in the third year only because it someone suggested foolishly. She broke up almost a year of living together and does not want to hear about her ex-husband. She is not very lucky in personal relationships. You see on the page statuses in the spirit: «Forget it, smile!», «I’m not hurt», «He dumped me, I’ll sing». Of course, her status «it’s complicated», and when you meet her on the street, the expression on her face: «Life is pain, and the men — selfish bastards.» The picture is as black-and-white girl with a cigarette on the avatar attached.

3. Only married friends


My tape on for six months was littered with photos of my classmates that were trying to tell the world that it has entered into a valid marriage, and now she’s even got its own stamp. And the ring. Diamond, of course, without bryuliki there is no love. Seriously, these pictures appeared in may of this year and ended to appear a month ago. A constant stream of endless love story. Here she is, a Princess in a cardboard crown, here’s a picture of her dress here is a photo of «I care», these are photos of a large cake. And permanent statuses «I’m so happy you’re my sunshine». I never understood why so active blow to all the people that you’re happy. Just quietly rejoice yourself in the area, you can occasionally hoot.

4. Friend, who has long been firmly in the relationship


These girls constantly want to remind the world that they a long relationship and have children in the face of one man and several a little smaller. I never understood why so to hang with his marriage and family? Girl, you really have no other interests? Why do you always write and speak at the meeting yesterday that you went to cafe with her children, one of them threw up on the waitress, but have you had a fat-free food because «my Popsicle gastritis». These women after marriage instantly turned into a full opcons their men. From such worries simply no way to escape. Girls of this kind are often scored on themselves, on their appearance and are worn around men and children in your family, watching their every movement. Three years ago it was a petite girl, which weighed on the strength of 45 pounds, now that’s a woman who weighs two times more and that at 25 years old looks 40. How did this happen? Girl, why you go like that?

5. Girls who have «it’s complicated»


The girl in the relationship constantly. Sometimes I think that she didn’t have gaps between the contenders. This is the person who can date someone for a week. Week! My shortest relationship was about two months. In it some relationships were for a couple of days. With sex, with tears. She constantly suffers. On her page you’ll find the phrase in the spirit of «the Main thing that was», «he’s sorry He lost me.» In life, she is also constantly sad face because «it’s complicated with these guys.» One of my friends called a girl a «girl with regular menstruation». Sometimes it can recuperate and become a lesbian. Then everything returns to normal. She can often haunt love attacks where there are none, and relationships where they may not be. It’s complicated.

6. Lonely


This girl alone for quite some time. Unlike the girl, who lives alone, this girl is very worried about her present marital status. Very! This girl does not like to be alone. She’s not one of those who come home, rejoice in the fact that no one is home, cook a bunch nyamka, where to watch TV shows. Our heroine comes home, feel total emptiness, crushed the walls and begins to worry terribly. In her social media accounts are constantly flashed the message: «Hug someone», «Bored», «Lonely», «the sea is the sea, and I have nobody», «somebody will walk with me Friday night?». This girl will never write you directly: «let’s Go for a walk, I’m bored». She will write in a status, Twitter, a diary that someone saw and took the initiative. I wonder why she’s alone?

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