Girlfriend hardcore

This time we will focus on the hardcore girls who can fight back dude. No, this is not bodybuilders or fighting ostriches. In this collection we will talk about cool rocersa that look great with tats and know how to play metal.

Alison Mosshart

Many familiar with the band «The Kills», where she was a founder, after he continued to sing in the super group «The Dead Weather» under the guidance of living legend Jack white. When you watch Mozart on the stage, wondering: «is not a substance it is at this very moment?» – but quickly cut that it was strictly about the thrill that she gets from playing and singing. Listen to her songs put Loyce.

Brody Dell

Gorgeous woman in all senses. Starting with a cruel, heart-breaking grunge together with the band «Distillers», it is reducing at times your rebellious spirit, moved to a lighter sound. Thus there is a group of «Spinnerette», and then purely solo work Brody, very light sounding. The music never changes himself and is not afraid to experiment.

Hayley Williams

The vocalist of «Paramour» and simply lovely creation. In 2008 and 2009 recognized as the sexiest woman by the magazine «Kerrang!». About the band Paramore can say different, but its the place they occupied, however, rather in pop culture than in the ranks. However, what the hell’s the difference, you better look how red sings!

Taylor Momsen

The band «the Pretty Reckless» has a wonderful singer, although many people still remembers when She played in various teen movies a La Disney. But in this period Momsen has completely devoted himself to music, he has released several albums and played on stage with Marilyn Manson. She’s only 21, and we will see her development as a musician, and while on stage, Taylor is committed to more shocking than interesting technical solutions.

Maria Brink

Mary is the headliner of the group «In This Moment», which pleases us with its extreme music for the past 10 years. Mary herself is not deprived of the attention and often became the owner of a rank «the most Sexual». So it was with a premium Loudwire Music Awards in 2013, where the title «Rock goddess of the year 2013» went to her.

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