Girlfriend gamer pleases you collections of good photos of the known (and unknown) patterns, imagery, slightly depraved, but always charming porn Actresses and pictures of other cute or charming the shrew lionesses and gorgeous Breasts. All this beauty belongs to the world of people, it is real, it can be found on the street or to worship on Twitter. But there is another: the unknown forge sexy heroines – the world of computer games.

In this universe filled with graphics and binary code, born real beauty. Burning and timid, bold and weak, feminine and beautiful. Each has its own history, its own character and temper. Let them just fiction artists and writers, but what is stopping to admire a truly magical feel to these friends?

1. Tanya Adams

This girl is a special agent with model looks and a brave breast – pleased all the gamers of old (and new) game «Red Allert». Cocky, stubborn and strong, she personified the ideal of the «warrior women». Masterfully destroyed the enemies with two guns and explosives, remained in the memory of fans as one of the favorite and most sexual of the characters.

2. Sarah Morrison

Red-haired beast lured with its charm immediately: graced the cover of the album and appeared in the Intro video of the game «Tabula Rasa». The heroine was a notorious rebel with a strong character, but not devoid of a sense of humor that was clearly added points to her attractiveness.

3. Morrigan

An evil sorceress from the world of fantasy, which has managed to seduce with their enchantments all the dudes, fans of «Dragon Age». Millions of artifacts and thousands of cosplays from fans all over the world – due in part to her very sexy appearance and strong-willed character. The developers managed to create a surprisingly vivid image, and a nice bonus was the opportunity to engage with Morrigan sex right in the passing game. I advise you to try – its not easy to win over!

4. Sonya Blade

For that we should be grateful the legendary «Mortal Kombat», so it’s delicious forms Sonya Blade. Lieutenant of the special forces of the United States had a bold character, with extraordinary perseverance and an exciting fighting style.

5. Lara Croft

Tomb raider appeared back in 1996, became one of the most important characters throughout the computer industry. The coolest Countess-adventuress, whose sexy, athletic, full of passion, the image has become a classic in the adventure genre. A kind of clone of Indiana Jones, only younger and with Boobs.

6. Cortana

If in the near future, would you like to have your own homemade robot, then most likely, it’d be like Cortana – the intelligent design of the universe II «Halo».

7. Rhine

Agent BloodRayne proved to the world games that beauty can be truly bloody! The main heroine of the series «BloodRayne» hunted vampires and fought with various occult forces of the Third Reich. Rhine had a perfect figure, exaggerated Breasts a nice size and the ability to restore health by drinking the blood of their victims. How not to fall in love with such a beauty?

8. Triss Merigold

Charming and powerful sorceress – the main star of the world of the Witcher. Will appreciate it highly, until you do not hit «Destructive Gradaute Merigold».

9. Sarah Kerrigan

All fans of diabolical beauty is dedicated. Do not take us for perverts, but Sarah had all the female virtues, though was a bit of a sinister insect. One of the main heroines of the game «StarCraft» cut through the air with tentacles (with claws (and that she actually was?!)), know how to lead interesting conversations and attracted to his cute face, slim figure and intergalactic swimsuit-covered Breasts.

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