Girl, you cigarette: when Smoking useful

Don’t believe the title: in fact nothing has changed from Smoking and still developed lung cancer. But here’s the oddity: for some reason, men who smoke are more women like me. We from childhood are taught that Smoking people ugly, smelly, sick whips, but the collective consciousness still sees Smoking something unique is cool.

Most interesting is that many successful actors, scientists and the playboys — smokers or were. No matter you is dressed to the nines or wearing a stretched t — shirt- nothing says a woman of your strong male identity as a cigarette. If a woman sees a well-dressed man with a cigar, which looks at her with interest, she has no chance. She immediately drew attention to it and surrounds it in mystery, at least in their own eyes.

The secret world of smokers

A lit cigarette is the entrance ticket to an imaginary exclusive, but nonetheless frighteningly large social group of smokers. Anti-Smoking laws and public condemnation of smokers in any case do not help to deal with them — they only serve to rally your target audience and reinforce her decision to stand to the end. Smokers like they belong to the underground mug, and it certainly adds to their life of intrigue. Now forbidden to smoke even in cafes and restaurants, so smokers girls are forced to go outside to get your dose of nicotine. All you have to do is be at the right time in the right place and use the best method to discover out all that you can imagine. Offer her a cigarette. Offer her a lighter. It’s in the bag.

As soon as you strike a lighter, you put yourself in a favorable position. Smoking a joint brings: remember how in College you went out to smoke with anyone and after that we could safely burn it in your friends? When you smoke, it gives you a few precious minutes during which it is easy to reach a common understanding much faster than under any other circumstances. Between you immediately a kind of conspiratorial relationship: you have common themes, common problems and common interests. Another bonus: the girl who went out to smoke, more likely, lost all his nasty friends who always put obstacles on the way to it.

Smoking has an interesting and competitive properties: it relieves the tension, makes it more informal. It is necessary to light a cigarette, and stretched the conversation takes a smoother turn, you recline back in his chair, you unbutton the top button of the shirt, and she’s ready to tell you about my life.

Smokes — then Fucks

Scientifically established that in 69% of cases Smoking girl slimmer, more relaxed, and they love sex. Smoking brings out in a woman is a risky nature, a rebel, which is more prone to casual sex with a mysterious stranger. Another interesting observation: the most insecure girls who, however, were able to socialize and smoke. It can also be very beneficial to use.

Why unsure? As we have said, Smoking is a large, strong social brace. Smoking helps to keep in the company and considered her a full member, even if you don’t say anything. Cigarette immediately makes you her: your name is smoke, they ask you a cigarette and a lighter and you away from an introverted nerd turn into a friend. Insecure girlfriends know how it works, and therefore decide for themselves that Smoking is socially more beneficial than not Smoking. Naive, they do not understand that thus present themselves and become easy prey!

There is no easier way to simultaneously isolate women from society, to evaluate it and to set in their favor, just to take her outside to smoke. Here even to think there is something.

Not a bad habit

Who smokes from time to time someone smokes a pack a day. To each his own, however, observed an interesting trend: Smoking is associated with publication and communication, and anyone who smokes does it more often. When you get to meet women due to cigarettes, you are also going to separate one from the other and make Smoking part of their strategy.

You can set yourself rules that you will strictly follow. These rules will squeeze out the maximum benefits from Smoking and minimize its negative impact (it still die). For example, a good strategy is to smoke only in the case if you’re going to pick a specific girl and have sex with her. If you know that today you have to shoot, or borrow cigarettes in cute girls, or bring in your case — why not, you’re not a rogue what.

Just a couple of cocktails and a couple cigarettes: a perfect combination. On the one hand, you don’t prohibit and don’t get drunk, but cheer up. If you follow the rules, Smoking will be your social best a habit, not an addiction.

If you smoke only from time to time, but not on a regular basis is the best way to get a few extra privileges from communicating with girls. Don’t think no one here is trying to downplay the dangers of Smoking, however, hard to fight against this habit is to rationalize the need to work 40 hours a week until you’re 60: it just shows you how a regular guy that rationalises their own mediocrity, and used to be on the sidelines.

And for that matter, a cigarette doesn’t make you a man, it will only complement your look, if you’re in shape, well dressed, own their own principles, and he paid his bills.

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