Girl claim: computer innocent


Hi guys.

He writes you a friend who recently came across your website. Just a storehouse of useful information in an easy style. You liked it, I will read.

And now to the request. I searched this topic but found no answer. How to distract a guy from playing games? We live far enough away from each other, see each other rarely. So I don’t know how to influence it. Don’t think I’m so against his interests, but it is the pace you move, because there is already too much aggression starts to show, I never became a bully. So please tell me how to help him? Want to less began to play, stopped being lazy and finally started acting more Mature.

Thanks in advance!

The answer

Hello, my lady. Welcome. Read, look around, we have much more useful information than it might seem. Read us completely, and we will write even better.

How still it is strange how the world is in an era where forty guys spend hours playing games, sitting behind a computer is a clear sign of infantilism. It’s a shame that so consider and younger girls that sin flexing in Sims. And only grew up a generation brought up with computer and games. So the struggle in «Dothan», «COP» or even «the Witcher» is just a part of life in modern Mature guy. It is impossible to miss the new part of the «Fallout», if you passed the previous two. Let vents anger by playing «FIFA» and not breaking your nose.

It seems that you’re not a young girl but a Mature milf, who is trying to protect the child from compumaster»! It is not in the computer, but rather, that you just it zadalbyvaet nagging and demands. If every day to drip on the brain with stories that the computer makes you an idiot, anyone would be nervous.

How often does he play? You live separately, as the time spent with the games can prevent you? He ignores the meetings with you and is immersed in virtual reality? Then, perhaps, it’s you, him and I are just not interested. The computer in the clutches of smart user – is often a way to relax. So it is more pleasant to relax alone, without you. It’s one thing if it is rampant nerd, it’s just using the death penalty can solve the problem. And if you just spend time, it is very strange. Either wait, or accept, or run, but draw conclusions.

If that’s not it, if you’re just mad because he is sending out flyers in the freezing cold shaking the joystick, then… then we are sorry. Not you, your boyfriend.

What do you mean start acting more Mature? Adults also play. Not the clock, but play. You are probably one of those ladies who are already focused on the family, on a mortgage loan, the Korean sedan and two rug rats. And for this a man must work, but what’s there to plow. Permitted, the mortgage got excited, you just want a good life, and this has to do your date. But, unfortunately, it differently looks at life and in no hurry to become the head of the family. So it turned out. Talk to the guy about it directly, understand his plans. Your demands become more Mature and more serious – just annoying seed. Actually, that’s why he is outraged. Let’s talk seriously, place all points over «i». Maybe he will like and go on about you. Maybe you should think about the expediency of further coexistence.

The problem is, dear children, we don’t know how old you are. If he does not 17-21, it would soon be more serious, the life force. So give the guy a break, he is complex, full of problems life. And do not blame everything on a computer, it’s a matter of lifestyle and future plans.

Perhaps you expected a different answer and that there will be instructions on how to fix your boyfriend to become the way you want. But, alas, it is not for us. And not because male solidarity, etc. Just turn someone useless, until he realizes that there is a wrong way and not want to change. You can be his shining example, to inspire on feats, unless, of course, I do not spend my time on manicures, social networking and stuff.

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