Girl bartender: why you don’t need it?

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2014_IHfiGEhtD1pZDSeeing an attractive girl, a bartender, is hard to resist and not to give her attentions. Workers of bars surrounds the mysterious reputation of the people that are night life, immersed in the fun and understand the alcohol. But beware: the natural reaction is not always the best! And there are ten reasons.

1. Most likely, you’re drunk

This is the first and main reason not to approach her. She poured you drinks all night, you admired her, and then plucked so that they ceased to see the point at which to end a relationship the staff and the client. You don’t look neither cute nor attractive nor interesting. At least not for a sober girl bartender.

2. She may not be beautiful

As we have already discussed, the whole night you’re doing what you drink alcohol. Now you see all some other than they are really. In fact, this fairy from the bar reminds me of Scarlett Johansson by the color of the hair and face and her figure are quite different.

3. She always hears it

You’re not the first decided to attend to it in all the time that she works here. This girl used to sebaceous jokes, clumsy compliments, and frankly ridiculous attempts to meet her, and to provoke the conversation. It is not exciting and not even amusing. She had had enough. You got drunk, her job is to get you more, but this does not mean that she wants to know your name, where you live and what you today underwear.

4. She just wants your money

Tipping is an important part of any income of a bartender. They live on this money. If for the sake of earnings she needs you to smile and flirt with you, it only costs the profession, nothing personal. If during a conversation girl bartender responds with phrases like «M-M-m», «Oh, really?» or «So good?» and smiling, she’s probably just counting on your tip. Her laughter is also not a call to action. Believe me, if you’re not a Hollywood actor, your bearded jokes on the bench drunk is not able to charm.

5. You overdo the tip

It’s not always a bad thing, but a budget is a budget, it is common to plan, and sudden costs due to the fact that you’re in pleasant company, it does not fit. After you all night had a nice chat with the bartender, looked at her long eyelashes and gorgeous shape (as you can see from behind the counter), a great temptation to give her a huge tip. With drunken eyes it seems to be a wonderful way to beg for her phone number. As soon as you give her the money and close the wallet, it does not give you a room — even if you were sure and already lost in my mind a victory March. She’ll stop talking and you leave the bar with empty pockets.

6. She goes home two

Are you serious, dude? And you thought, what will happen? Did you really think that after eight hours of standing on his feet and pouring beer in heavy mugs for guys like you, she’ll still have the strength to hang out? The only correct answer is no. Even if you are suddenly about something agree, then it will still destroy all the plans. Nothing you can do, work hard at it. In two hours the night you sleep in my bed and she just change shoes and waiting for the car.

7. She’s probably Dating another bartender

Of the bartenders often leave a couple: work has. When the two are forced to share a small piece of space, constantly touching each other, making drinks, and remain the only sober people in the room all night and in the morning meet again, it’s binding. In this case, you’ll not only get the iron failure, but also heart broken — at least for one night. Bartenders learn to calmly watch as their mate flirt with the customers, but once you cross the line, you immediately are thrown into the street. Remember: the bartender did not drink, and therefore stronger.

8. Once you want to come here again

Well, do you like this place, and you do not intend to abandon the fun here! In nine cases out of ten she will pretend that you never happened but you will remember, how all was actually.

9. She works on the weekends

If you by some miracle get her phone number or she’ll be really interesting, it will be difficult to build joint plans. On the weekends you’re free and it works, but resting in the middle of the week and so constantly! The relationship with the girl-bartender means eternal unmatched graphics and eventually a broken heart.

10. She’s not interested

Teachers don’t fall in love with students, doctors to patients, and bartenders — in customers. They are there to serve you drinks, take your money, and maintain a casual conversation. Bartenders can flirt to get a big tip, their conscience reacts to this behavior with stony silence. You can try any tricks to give more money, to make compliments or try to buy a girl a drink. She saw it all and knows it. All that can happen is she will drink a glass of iced tea, add money to your account and leave you alone.

That’s all. I hope this text will keep you from courting a girl bartender. Just don’t do it.

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