Gigabyte P2742G gaming laptop with Windows 8

Bro, Windows 8 really did not have time to go out and the devices on which it will stand out with enviable regularity.

Gigabyte introduced a new product — the Gigabyte P2742G. Portable computer on the platform Intel c display has a diagonal of 17.3 inches.

Novelty is a typical gaming laptop. About iron it is possible to say quite a lot. Gigabyte P2742G will have a 4-core processor Core i7-3630QM processor with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz ( can be overclocked up to 3.4 GHz), RAM 4GB or 8GB (max 24GB) and discrete accelerator GeForce GTX 660M with 2GB of memory on Board.

The device also has a hard drive capacity of 1 TB, screen resolution — 1920×1080 pixels (Full HD), optical drive Blu-ray, adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 , multi-format card reader and a webcam.

The dimensions of the model are: 13×277,5 x 17,5–48,8 mm, Weight of the device is 3.2 kg

In my opinion, the friend, the Gigabyte P2742G is a real tasty morsel for fans to play. However, the price there is nothing to say, because there is no data.

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