Gifts that you can buy at the last moment

There are always people who do something at the last moment. And if you’re one of them, you probably haven’t collected their gifts. If you’re confused by the prospect of walking in crowded people rushing to shopping malls, you should order the gifts online stores. Now they have the peak sales, and they want to satisfy as much as possible and faster all buyers. Therefore, we have prepared a small selection of gifts that you can purchase, even if the time remains very little. In fact most online stores have fast delivery: 1-3 days, so you have time.

The cultural passport of a citizen

An intriguing title that is fully justified. The cultural passport of the citizen is a universal a single ticket for the exhibitions and museums. Instead of buying or ordering tickets, you just get a ticket and go to the acquaintance with the cultural events that take place in different places. To give to absolutely anyone, be it your friend, parents, or the girl that knows no entertainment, except for TV series and shopping. For the latter will be especially important, as it is a great way to expand horizons, to get outside and just have fun together.

Enjoy a cultural passport of a citizen can here. The pass is valid for a period of from 1 to 5 days and for 3, 6 or 12 months. It will be a useful gift for anyone who rarely gets out of the house or don’t know where to go. On the website that sells the ticket, you can see the finished routes to the most interesting monuments, museums, galleries and exhibitions — just about a hundred of them, so will just have to choose.


Emoji-emoticons have become terribly popular because a single character can replace a whole sentence or emotions that words cannot Express. They were born in Japan, quickly conquered the world and now become a sign pospisilova companies. Surely someone from your environment, and perhaps you yourself constantly use them. Such person can give the pillows emoji — the favorite communication system migrated in soft plush form! Pillows smileys will look great in any interior and will give a cheerful atmosphere to the apartment. You can immediately buy 10 pieces and make a pillow fight with friends.

IQ Puzzle

We all love puzzles and puzzles — you just have to stumble upon them, and our brains are already spoiling for a fight. In fact, humanity life solved the riddle of the universe, so that we have everything that we have now. Puzzles develop fine intellect and do not allow the brain to get bored. One of such puzzles is puzzle IQ Puzzle. There are dozens of variations of this puzzle is simple, suitable for children, and more complex, over which will have to think even an adult. The objective is to make certain pieces of the puzzle. It may seem that it’s simple, but if you do not know the solution in advance, you will have to strain gyrus. Are IQ Puzzle a bit, so it will be better to buy several, to gradually increase the complexity — this would be a great gift for the younger generation.

The Game «Anna-Detective. Mysterium»

«Anna-Detective» — the long-awaited card game of the same name at the national series, which is popular and welcome by all fans of detectives. In the game participated 7 people who have to solve interesting and complicated crimes. The difficulty lies in the fact that 6 detectives must solve the crime, the details of which dream girl Anna. But sleep is a mysterious creature, and to interpret it correctly is no easy task. Images from dreams in the form of cards are dealt to the players who will enable your imagination and find the right Association that will lead to different characters, locations, weapon kills and in the end — the reconstruction of the events of the crime.

What’s good about the game in General? First, it is a simple rule. Secondly, it really is addictive, because many of us grew up on the novels of Conan Doyle, but someone fell in love with the detective as a genre after the release of such television series as «Anna-Detective» and «Sherlock». Romance, mystery, mysterious crime has always attracted people with a rich imagination, well-read and strong intellect. In addition, nothing unites people like a common problem. Thirdly, completion of the game. Colourful arts series will be pleased to know the audience, Ouija boards, figures & chips — all made in the same style and sets the right atmosphere of the game. So «Anna is a Detective» is not only a beautiful gift, but also a great occasion to gather family or friends to have a fun and interesting way to spend time.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

We are delighted that there is a Xiaomi — this company give a thrashing to the whole market of gadgets and technology, producing affordable cost of the device, quality and functionality are not inferior to the top brands. The same applies released this year, the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It costs little, but can boast of cool and useful features, enclosed in a small, comfortable bracelet. Heart rate monitor, pedometer, OLED display, vibration motor, BlueTooth 4.0, high sensitivity sensor, capacious battery, high quality and reliable materials — all in one device. Mi Band 2 coupled with a proprietary application allows you to analyze workouts, monitor heart rate, to determine when a person is overworked, to inform about calls and messages and track the quality of sleep and Wake at the right times. If you bring the bracelet to the smartphone — latest rasplachivaetsya. In short, useful features just weight. Mi Band 2 is a great gift for a man leading an active way of life and a lover of various gadgets. When you order a bracelet through the link enter coupon code «manygoodtips.com2» — will receive a discount of 250 roubles.

Boxmag and liquid for electronic cigarettes

You know what I mean, boxmag is the same electronic cigarette, but not in the form of a tube and box. It has more features, capacious battery and allows you to get a much better experience of soaring at the expense of flexibility and more power. If among your friends there are smokers, and you want to make it a useful gift, bossmod is a popular choice. By the way, the choice can be a problem if you don’t get it. Focus on reviews and popularity models. For example, the starter kits of the brand Joyetech is best option for beginners, as they are fully staffed.

Liquid will be a good addition for fashion or gift held bathers. Why? Because none of the fans of smoke will not refuse new tastes and sensations. Choose liquid not so difficult: if the name evokes pleasant associations, then take it. It is best to take a few cheap copies or a single but expensive. In the first case, your friend will be happy vaper diversity, and the second will be pleasantly surprised elite fluid, which, as a rule, not bought so often because of its cost.

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