Gifts for the New year, which will be useful to everyone

Sometimes we do not give desired gifts. Kind and nice, but on the other hand, understand that at the moment in need of quite other things. That you do not have to be in place short-sighted Santa Claus, we have prepared a selection of gifts that will be useful for almost everyone. But gifts must be of good quality, so we found a cool shop BRANDSHOP, which represents more than 200 leading manufacturers of clothes, shoes and accessories. Here you can even find exclusive items that are sold only in a couple of places on the planet. We will not describe how awesome this store is, you yourself will understand everything, so let’s move from words to deeds.

Pocket knives and multitools

What you should have in the wide leg of each man? Of course, a pocket knife. Wherever you are, such a small thing can be very useful. Bearded our way may be different situations, ranging from saving another man’s life or his and ending with the inability to open a can of beans in the campaign. But in such cases, and useful pocket knife or multitool.

Among the knives are very popular knives of the legendary Swiss brand Victorinox are among their products you can find both classic and Swiss. The first is very easy to use due to the ergonomic handles and the second multi-functional and are composed of corkscrews, blades, openers, and more. And if you need more, you will need a multitool Leatherman manufacturer, known throughout the world. They are hiding indispensable in the home and trips tools, the number of which in some models, comes to 28: screwdrivers, knives, pliers, blade, wire cutters, awl, and others.

Wrist watch

«They say that a watch like the philosophers: it is impossible to find at least two, fully agree among themselves». I can’t disagree with Robert Harris. If you have a prejudice about giving hours, you suggest to refuse them. The watch is very nice and useful gift. Won’t tell you about status and so on. Let’s just say that here you can find a really nice watch from brands such as Daniel Wellington endlessly stylish and secure the Casio G-Shock. If you want to make a gift to the person served, you should select Luminox company produces specialized, almost eternal watch with innovative illumination system, for example, the model Field XL.1925 Beige. Military models can also be found in the range of Swiss Military Hanowa. Fans of English classics is to give Briston original design and manual handling of materials would be appreciated even Elizabeth II.


If you buy a gift thermos, range company Thermos. They came up with, and that they belong to the most innovative development for products designed to maintain the temperature. For example, the model JMZ600-BK is able to keep the cold for 18 hours and warm up to 8 hours. You can donate as a person, accustomed to travel, and someone who works in the office or on the street. All models Thermos are convenience, reliability and a sophisticated design. Some of them can accommodate up to 2 liters of fluid. By the way, they are suitable not only for tea and compote, but also for food.


You definitely have a friend (and maybe you yourself do it), which keeps all their savings in the pockets of jeans and jackets. That’s just him you can give the wallet. Money is, in principle, should be treated with care — wrinkled bills will not put anyone in a good light. And credit cards in the wallets to keep handy, especially when a lot of them.

If you choose a wallet from the youth models, you should look to brands Y-3, the North Face, Property Of…, Cote Ciel and fit out its. And if you want something more classic, Hackett, Mismo, Brooks England and Maison Kitsune. In stock last you can also find excellent holders for cards — they look very expensive and are made of premium leather. At BRANDSHOP, you can find both male and female models. And some of them suited as a gift for both.


Just want to note that expensive backpacks in BRANDSHOP worth the money. Though, because they look very, very cool and unusual. Not all, but most of the models. Take, for example, Nile Black Liquid from the company Cote Ciel: just stunning shape and materials — it is bright, despite the fact that black. Or take, for example, Nike Cheyenne Responder — 32 litres style and functionality. Look very cool backpack from Brooks England — look at them and realize that the simpler and more minimalist thing, the cooler it looks. Is it worth mentioning that under external simplicity hides the best materials and thoughtful. If you need a more youth style, the ideal choice for a gift will backpacks from Herschel Supply Co. On all models, we still couldn’t possibly just trust me and see for yourself — the store is really cool backpacks.


The same can be said about the bags. The store features more than 20 brands, known all over the world. Ally Capellino, Common Projects, Filson, Lacoste, Maison Kitsune, Sandqvist, many others. This is the case when whichever thing you didn’t buy any quality — most bags are made of genuine leather, and if they are made of a different material, very durable and reliable. For example, Nanamica Briefcase made of nylon. But not simple, and nylon Cordura — like fabric used in the army.

As you already understood, BRANDSHOP all good products. If it is difficult to choose a gift, you should go the other way and buy a gift certificate. So you can not go wrong, and the person will be nice.

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