Gifts for real fans of Star wars. Part 2

Yes, this is the second of an epic gifts for Star wars! Did you really think we’d limit ourselves to one text? Don’t count on it! Because gifts based on motives of immortal Saga does not happen much — a festive season gift to all relatives and friends, preferably not overpaying, so in our today’s collection is the original stuff that you can buy in USA at actual cost and inexpensive to ship to Russia Express service.

1. Zvezdoleta Cup

Let’s start with the simple and practical. For example, a Cup of starships. She did not only drink coffee, just watching her, enjoying the view of the space battle scenes. A Cup has another distinctive feature: the image changes depending on the temperature of the drink. It’s really cool! Don’t know how it happens (I hope it’s not the machinations of the dark side of the Force), but the hot water magically acts on the figure: on the Cup appear the laser beams and destroy the enemy explosions. Fantastic!

2. Bed linen with Darth Vader

In the bedroom of the Lord of the Sith, we did not look, so do not know, he sleeps on the bed with his image. But one thing is sure: in the 11-12 years, we would not have refused such a joy. Year old now we have more, but for many young families it is veyderovskiye bed linen would be a great gift option. Yes, you should, by the way, to teach the younger generation to the classics of cinema.

3. Lamp Stormtrooper Helmet

Know what I would put on your Desk? Stormtrooper helmet, which glowed a mysterious white light. That is the lamp we found. You can use it as a trophy or an ordinary nightlight. Looks amazing, and shes shining. Inserted in the head three AAA batteries – and enjoy the true light of the Empire. And again, you can give the subject the widest layer of the population: relatives, friends, girlfriends. And the most important function of lamp stormtrooper – it’s great scares Republicans!

4. Personal planetarium «Death Star»

Using projectors built into your room and secure the»Death Star», you can explore space or live in an unusual light, which is particularly suitable for romantic dates. A lot of good, and is inexpensive. And the gift is very unusual, aesthetically appealing and beautiful. It will appeal to both children and adults. Of course, children all of this will be much more interesting for them we usually take such things, although such gifts are often bought for themselves.

«Death star» easy to maintain, extremely easy to use, safe. It is strange that she is capable of destroying any planet at the behest of the Emperor.

5. Own droid BB-8

It’s too cool to be true. It is the dream of our childhood, which seems to becoming a reality – the personal droid! Yes, this thing costs almost $ 200, but it’s decent for the price.

We watched a video with BB-8 (the so-called droid) and can’t understand how you achieved such smooth movements and easy to control.

Toy you can control using your tablet or smartphone, she recognizes your voice, can record video. That little droid, hell, their own artificial intelligence, even self! Sphero BB-8 excellent throughout. Perhaps the day is near when you will be able to buy a full-fledged droid. If this happens, it will start with such things as BB-8.

6. Flying Millennium Falcon

One of the most iconic ships of the far-distant galaxy — the Millennium Falcon — now can fly under your control! Yes, this is the spaceship that was piloted by a Han Solo and Chewbacca. With the help of remote control your ship can fly to a distance of 60 meters. Very pleasing original sounds and led lights that make the toy a pleasant childhood memory. By the way, in the new episode «Star wars: the Force Awakening» will also be this ship, fully restored in the smallest details. Similar to the source very pleased with our editors.

7. Toaster-Darth Vader Helmet

It is possible to get the toast right out of full of dark plans of the head of Darth Vader! Toaster in his helmet fits the morning mood everyday work and inspires working exploits, whether it is conquest of the Universe or the fulfillment of the plan.

8. Shipping

You probably realized that all these products are produced and sold on the real value is not in us and in the States. And we need to all this splendor came to your hands in good condition. So I advise you to use the service «mail-order». These cool kids free will give you a personal us address which you’ll be able to order products from any American online stores (especially those, like Amazon, do not deliver to our country directly), combine them into one parcel and send it using the «our services» in Russia. Even no need to pay taxes – warehouse «our services» located in tax-free Delaware! Delivery is fast, as the stroke of a light sword, cheap and reliable. In addition, these guys will help you determinehow much you really know the universe of George, the father of the Republic and the Empire, Lucas! In General, some pros and zero cons!

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