Gifts for real fans of Star wars. Part 1

Soon the winter holidays and, most importantly for us, will release a new part galactic epic called «Star Wars.» For us it is not just a series of movies that was created to change our lives, but also beautifully told story that tells about eternal – about the struggle between good and evil. While George Lucas unfortunately has no special relationship to a new piece for the true fan of the universe of «Star Wars» is not a reason. See for yourself and formulate your own opinion – here is our advice to you.But today is not about the movie, today we want to share with you meticulously compiled a list of gifts. Gifts for real fans of Star wars. If you still do not know what to give for the New year one of these fans in my circle of friends or relatives, or even yourself, again rushes to your aid. I must say that to make such a list was not easy. So much interesting stuff had to be revised! But choose only the best.

1. Lightsaber

A gift for the serious guys, and a nice (well who doesn’t?). Swords are a complicated matter. Lightsabers is a complex and glowing. But we will help, because reviewed a ton of information about these swords, consulted with master Yoda and asked a few tips from Darth Maul. They contradicted each other, apparently, something not shared, but to understand something we could. First, the sword is necessary to choose quality. Secondly, if the store does not provide you with a wide range, you probably traded smugglers.

For example, the guys from Jatshop provide choice is really a authentic star-volatilnym things where you may find suitable for your wallet package. On your choice – 23 material winding handle 14 color options for the blade and a ton of features that will make your sword only yours. By the way, lightsabers included CHAMPION and HERO have that very unique sound!

2. Iodine behind

But some even the Jedi are not trained and just learn the complexity of dealing with Power. To choose a gift for these dudes – a handful, after all, can always encounter complete rejection and rejection. But we still managed to find an original solution that guarantee, like any Padawan.

Let’s imagine the situation. You’re still young and going through the dark and blighted the streets of some remote city, which is the peripheral planet. You’re scared and lonely, and the light sword you’ve left in your grandmother. If behind you would be Yoda? Or even R2D2? Would be easy, right? That such stellar backpacks give peace of mind and additional inventory slot.

You to choose from several options: Chubaka, Yoda, R2D2, and for fans of the dark side, Darth Vader. Thus we have killed two ewoks: solved the problem of gift for the New year and did it with taste.

3. The death star

The Confederacy of independent systems began this business, and the Empire ended. As a result, we can witness a powerful weapon, and was «Death Star» that could destroy entire worlds, planets. A nuclear bomb on a galactic scale, the main argument of Imperial policy, which was contained in her womb more than a million storm troopers and about thirty thousand space ships. It is not surprising that the whole universe was on his knees before the Emperor and Darth Vader.

But the dark side without cookies – freedom on the wind. So do not be surprised if every attack on the nightstand sported here’s a ceramic container with a capacity of two liters and is made of natural materials (Yes, we care about your health).

Why you need a vase in the shape of the Death Star? It’s simple: fall asleep in her biscuits, dragees, candies and other pleasures of the Imperial way of life, and after a hard working day, open and enjoy their reserves.

And no grandma’s vases!

4. Imperial March

Is it possible to fight for the Republic or Empire without music? Even if you’re stuck on some God forsaken planet, and there’s a lot of droids that try to fry a laser up your arse, you still need fun.

To listen the Imperial March using the original headphonesthat are created specifically for you, fan creations Lucas. To choose from: Darth Maul (not particularly happy villain), s3ro (Golden such a dopey robot), Iodine (eternal memory) and Darth Vader (the name speaks for itself).

5. Kosher clothing

Never thought about the fact that stormtroopers wear under their white armor? I think «alcoholic»? No, there is hidden all their desires to look stylish and bright. A real explosion of the soul, and individualism.

I remember one of the spaceships of the Empire fell into the hands of smugglers, who settled on Tatooine. In the end, dismantled t-shirts and sweatshirts as hot cakes. Even Wookiees bought a couple shirts, and he’s a human clothes gift is not necessary! What is it we tend? Clothing is always needed, t-shirts, hoodies and more. But not every sweatshirt is so cool decorated like what we found on that ship.

Therefore, we recommend you look at the Print Bar and buy a couple things for myself or friends.

Personally, we couldn’t resist something for myself too ordered.

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